Why the heck does the comic industry seem to hate cosplay?
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Posted 12/5/14 , edited 12/6/14
So a few years ago people big into cosplay and keeping up with gossip probably remember the crap fest that was renowned comic artist Tony Harris going on a huge rant on his facebook and twitter attacking cosplayers especially girls. His rant basically could be summed up in saying that these cosplayers were ruining 'his' conventions because they were making it all about them and how much attention they could get even though according to him they weren't 'real fans'

Now in recent months it seems that many people in the comic book industry share his negative opinion, as recently around the net many people have come forward complaining about cosplayers at the conventions they have attended as salesmen or welcomed guests.

Here is an article I found today:

Seriously, why do they seem to hate cosplayers?

As an aspiring artist with dreams of writing and drawing for comic books in the future I have always thought that if I were to go to a convention and see someone dressed as a character I had had a part in creating that I would feel so honored. But instead we see these people either saying that cosplayers are perverting what they created or taking away focus from the industry
Both claims I find ridiculous

But that's just me, what do you guys think?
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Posted 12/6/14
Just saw that article earlier as well. It's.. disappointing to read stuff like that.

The one small nugget of truth that I saw was that it's true, people in cosplay do tend to buy less.. while they're in costume, at least. After all, it's really tough to carry around your props and bags of stuff! I tend to visit dealer's rooms every day of a con, including while I'm in costume, but almost never buy while I'm dressed up, and I'm almost never recognized by the dealers, even those that commented on my outfit. So it wouldn't surprise me if that person had lots of purchases from unrecognized cosplayers.

The one who booted someone out of their booth just for not knowing much about Doctor Strange, but being excited anyway just came across as incredibly petty and rude, standing out even among the others to me.
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Posted 12/8/14 , edited 12/8/14
As someone one the "other side" of the booth at anime conventions, I have nothing but respect for the cosplayers who come by our booth and look at the books we publish — even if they buy nothing. I'm there to share with them what we create. If they buy one of our books that day, great. If not, then maybe they'll buy one another time.

Without anime and manga fans, we wouldn't have any customers. And cosplayers are arguably the biggest fans of all.

Anyone involved in the comics industry — be it a creator, publisher, dealer or convention organizer — who looks down on cosplayers should really think about finding a new job.

Posted 12/8/14
I have nothing against cosplayers.
I think they are more interesting than the characters they dress as.
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Posted 12/23/15
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