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What "Let's Players" Do You Follow?
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27 / F / SPACE
Posted 12/6/14
I watch a fair amount of lets players and gaming related channels on Youtube such as Game Grumps, Continue?, Peanut Butter Gamer, Jontron, among others.

How about you guys?
Posted 12/6/14
Chuggaaconroy. NintendoCapriSun,Lucahjin, Masaeanela,Pcull44444 are some LPer's I watch.
Posted 12/6/14
> Pewdiepie (i guess this kind of counts pff)
> Markiplier
> Chuggaaconroy
> Cryaotic
> StephenPlays

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38 / M / SW Ontario, Canada
Posted 12/6/14
The only one I watch pretty much daily is NorthernLion, though I also dabble in the network of other content creators he often works with (LovelyMomo. RockLeeSmile, JSmithOTI, etc.).
Posted 12/6/14
Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter, Jontron, a lil' ProJared and Game Grumps if they're playing NES/SNES games.

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16 / M / Northern California
Posted 12/7/14 , edited 12/10/14
I follow a lot of gamers so lets see.

-Pewdiepie... ( Yes I know a lot of people either like him or hate him, but I love when he plays indie horror and his skate 3 videos were hilarious.)

-Cryaotic (Same reason as Pewdiepie and he plays some underrated tiles.)

-ScottishDuck17 (Inactive youtuber, but plays many good video games and also one of my first youtubers.)

-Arm4g3dd0nX (PC Gamer. In order he was active,inactive, active, and then finally inactive. Hopes he makes more videos and he has really good commentary.)

-Smosh Games( Grand Theft Smosh is hilarious and amazing. Their the only time when I sometimes watch people playing Minecraft. Some Game Bangs are good too.)

Game Grumps- Good commentary don't know what to say.

Other youtubers who don't exactly Lets Play but are awesome: Adam Koralik, Ninhongo Gamer, and Nintendo Collecting.
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22 / M / United States
Posted 12/8/14
Game Grumps and Continue are great. I also LOVE me some Seananners. His videos are short but they never fail to make me laugh. Lot's of Garry's Mod though, so if you're not into that you might wanna steer clear. I personally think the cast of people he plays with makes it too funny to pass up, regardless of the game they play. No two episodes are the same, and he's good at cycling out game modes so the videos don't get too repetitive.
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21 / M / Tennessee
Posted 12/8/14
I watch Superjeenius, JoshJepson, and Attackingtucans the most.

Nintendicaprisun, HCBailly, MasaeAnela, and Lucahjin are others that I watch too.

Not let's players, but Inside Gaming always makes me laugh.
Posted 12/8/14
Chuggaaconroy, NCS and thats about it for actual LP's.
Game Grumps though they haven't played any games that interest me so I haven't seen them in awhile.
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28 / M / Phatuum Thani, Th...
Posted 12/8/14 , edited 12/8/14
Criken, JonTron and Cr1tikal are pretty good
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25 / M / Texas
Posted 12/8/14
The Best Friends Zaibatsu are the only LPers I really follow. Unlike certain popular LPers they actually know what they're talking about when it comes to video games because 3 out of 4 of them are ex-game testers (one worked on No More Heroes, one on Sleeping Dogs, and another on Tomb Raider as far as big name games go). In fact, one of them made it to the Street Fighter IV EVO finals a few years ago. They're conscientious enough that they stop running jokes before they get old and even stopped one such gag because they realized it was inappropriate.

BroTeam is an amazing, filthy Canadian. His Fate Of videos are beautiful.

I try to keep up with Continue. They're aight. Dom was MVP.

I also like Vinny from Vinesauce. Not a fan of anyone else from there.

Criken's decent enough for a laugh though he has some dumb stuff.

Used to follow Game Grumps but then Jontron left and it was Ego, Danny, and that guy nobody cares about. They really taught me something, namely Ego knows jackshit about video games. I can't take his Sequelitis stuff seriously anymore when he flails about in video games not knowing how to do something a tutorial just told him about. Between that and Danny being more interested in stupid sex stories than the actual game, I just gave up on Grumps.
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35 / F / California
Posted 12/8/14
I half watch/half listen to the LPers that I follow. It's something that I do to wind down at the end of the day when I'm home from work.

I watch:


I occasionally dabble in PressHeartToContinue because I absolutely love her collaboration with Cryaotic on their LP of "Dandelion - Wishes Brought To You". I really hope they do more collaborations in the future because they really are so enjoyable together!
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Posted 12/8/14
TBFP. love the zaibatsu, been watching for like four years now?? crazy.

Yogscast, about the same time. Love Nilesy, Kim, and Duncan to be specific. The Yogs annual christmas livestream always gets me through the holidays. :^)

Game Grumps, been watching since they had like less than thirty videos on their channel. When Jon left I was like "ok well damn" but I gave Danny a chance, and now I like him way more than I ever liked Jon lmao (him and Arin seemed to get at each others throats a lot toward the end of his run which made me a little uncomfortable?? wasn't as fun u know. he seemed a little bored with it) but yeah Dan is like really fun and I will defend him to the end of the earth.

umm I've been watching Peanut Butter Gamer too for a little while, his reviews are really funny and his gameplay is nicely edited. Plus he seems really genuine!

thats all i got
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20 / M
Posted 12/10/14
Northernlion - His commentary is amazing with his sarcasm and overall voice. The Scumlord, if you will. Binding of Isaac, mostly.

SSoHPKC - Same thing, pretty much. His arsehole sense of humor and sarcastic remarks get me laughing a bunch of times. Uploads a crap ton too.

UberHaxorNova - He's a wild and crazy. Makes normal situations into dirty innuendos in an instant. Funny to me.

WiiRikeTooPray - A group of 4 guys playing games made for a full party on a consistent-ish basis is great to watch. Lots of commentary and jokes to be had.

GameGrumps - Old and new. Jon and Erin were hilarious in their Sonic 06 playthrough, and Danny and Erin are great in their Trauma playthrough.

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25 / M / Western Illinois,...
Posted 12/11/14
I actually haven't watched in any a month or so but:

PewDiePie, LetsPlay (RoosterTeeth), CinnamonToastKen, Cryaotic, Markiplier, and the best one of all, Cr1TiKaL!

There are more, quite a few more actually but just the major ones I can remember.
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