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Posted 12/7/14 , edited 12/7/14
Hey I dont know if I'm allowed to start a forum topic but.. whatever. Anyways its a shame that this group isn't getting much activities after being created for around 2 years so.... here we have our first forum!

I know, I know its too typical... but who cares! Just introduce yourself and tell me your reason why you love/like homestuck and your free to go!

Also if complet this little paper you get a free membership card!

heres an example:

Now to know what God tier your are please out these website

To ge ta pesterchum/ trollian please go here!

for troll download the pesterchum then go to client, option and click theme

wow that was a lot of text huh? but anyways I kind of forgot to introduce myself!
I'm Katsumi and I love homestuck. Why? ...hmmm....well the stories just seem to suck me in and I couldn't stop myself from falling in love with all the characters! You can pester me whenever u when, I'm valkyrieFreyja

PS: Please choose a picture that resemble u the most and for trolls I'll try and make them gray in the worst case I will redo them ok have a nice day!
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