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27 / M / Texas
Posted 10/17/15 , edited 10/17/15

This year my favorite Asian Drama was The Perfect Insider in which the anime came out this fall season.... I love the Drama show and am looking forward for the anime.
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23 / M / Scotland, UK
Posted 10/27/15 , edited 10/27/15
My favourite JDrama is Sakura. I also enjoyed Nobunaga Concerto a lot
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50 / M / New England, USA
Posted 11/8/15 , edited 11/8/15
Angel Heart is quickly becoming my favorite Japanese Drama as of late. It's extremely faithful to the source material and has a lot of heart .
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F / ทy૮
Posted 11/10/15 , edited 11/11/15
It's Ok, That's Love is one of my most favorite kdrama.
I don't watch a lot of j-drama but one of my favorite is The Wallflower. It's cliche but it's a good light-hearted drama. I also like the live action of Detective Conan.
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37 / F / Ohio
Posted 11/10/15 , edited 11/11/15

bboy267 wrote:

most that I watch I kinda get tired after the first few episodes( Mischievous Kiss,Flower boy next door etc). I would've said Boys over Flowers or Dr Jin last week, but I just marathoned Coffee Prince and now Im wondering if I should just pack it up, because I might not ever watch anything better than it

If you liked Coffee Prince, you should check out Bromance 2015. Absolutely awesome Taiwanese Drama. The only problem is they are only 4 episodes in as of Nov 8th. Aaagh. The wait is terrible! I love the series though. So far the characters and their chemistry are great.

I couldn't make it through Boys over Flowers. I had watched Meteor Garden 1st, and had actually read some of the Manga for Hana dori Yango (manga and Japanese version title), and the Taiwanese version is the best. It's closest to the source material.
I loved Coffee Prince, Listen to my Heart, and You're Beautiful as well. They are all good Kdramas.

I am currently watching Moon River 2015, which is a Chinese/Taiwanese drama, Angel Heart, and of course Bromance 2015.
Moon River is hilarious so far, but I'm only about halfway through it. I don't know what my opinion will be at the end, but so far it is all silliness, and fun. I already watched the anime of Angel Heart years ago, and the live action is just as good. I'm really excited about this series and I hope it stays great. As for Bromance, if it continues the way it's going.. it's gonna replace Coffee Prince as one of my all time favorites.

Posted 11/29/15 , edited 11/29/15
The Man from Nowhere. Hands down my favorite Asian movie.

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26 / M / Deep 13
Posted 12/7/15 , edited 12/8/15
I don't really watch any dramas, but I do have some favorite Asian movies. The original 1954 Godzilla film holds a special place in my heart as one of--if not THE--greatest monster movie of all time, mainly because of its use of movie monster as a metaphor for the destruction and aftermath of the atomic bomb.

Hard Boiled is another favorite. Directed by John Woo before he came to Hollywood, this is probably the greatest "Gun Fu" movie from the Hong Kong action era and one of the best action films ever made. Even the poster is badass, with Chow Yun-Fat holding a shotgun in one hand and a baby in the other!

My favorite, more recent film would be the 2008 Japanese drama Departures, about a man who gets a job preparing bodies for traditional funerals, while also coming to terms with his estranged relationship with his father. It's a very touching and heartwarming film, and I highly recommend it.
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Posted 1/1/16 , edited 1/1/16
Liar Game
Orange Days
Buzzer Beat
Rich Man, Poor Woman
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21 / F
Posted 1/6/16 , edited 1/7/16
Itazura na kiss (Mischievous kiss) 1+2 will always have a place in my heart <3
I guess I really like it because I could relate so closely to the situation that the main girl was in (and probably bc I'm just a hopeless romantic)
And when you can relate to something so deeply, of course you're going to end up loving what you're watching.
Cute, funny, sad, happy. It's all of that. I will say that pursuing a relationship like what the main couple were is not a healthy thing. (Emotional abuse, mischievous behavior in general, cold-hearted man...)
But overall, it's enjoyable, I re-watch everything of that show all the time.
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22 / M / Sydney, Australia
Posted 1/9/16 , edited 1/10/16
MY BOSS MY HERO!!!! Its so good! :p though it is the only drama series i ever watched lol
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29 / M
Posted 1/19/16 , edited 1/19/16
The only drama that I watched was Ultraman X, and I really liked it. ^^
I so hope that all the other Ultraman series will be avaiable in my region (I know you're trying your best even if there are contracts that say that you can't show a certain show in a certain region).
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19 / F / Anime World
Posted 2/13/16 , edited 2/13/16
I mostly watch korean dramas...and have quite a lot that i like:

Most recent ones that i liked :
Who are you: School 2015, Yong Pal, Cheese in the trap, Moorim School.
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Posted 2/17/16 , edited 2/17/16
Not a movie, but 'I'm Mita, Your Housekeeper'
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30 / M
Posted 2/23/16 , edited 2/23/16
I remember the Secret garden from korea is great. Recently the Monk who falls in love is good as well
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