Fear, Regret & disappointment.
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Fear, Regret & disappointment.

Standing in front of your own frustration, as a wall so big and so tall. You have been caught in some other fluctuation. of an obscure reality led by deep thoughts. Here you see disappointing interpretations of your own cause and your intentions.
The film plays over and over in your head, it will never end the act You start accommodating the feeling of an unwelcomed thought, one lead by emotions, by fear, by disappointments, by regret.

How easy to welcome the feeling, how difficult to learn from it’s path. To look it to its eyes and make peace with its dismay. To understand its intentions and to enter into a moment of understanding. To see it for its true colors,for it’s touch, for it’s light. To know that its in only a part of your humanity, a part of your own mind.

The only real demon has to be a nameless one. That one that fools you from yourself and doesn't let you cry. That one that keeps you awake at night and haunts you at dawn. she moves your inner will and grabs you by the hand. Then she embraces you in her arms and doesn't let you walk. She divides you inner mind and creates an illusion of opposition. But in reality she is just a thought screaming, trying to get out.

Now I try to grab the fallen angel, I want to understand it’s obscure path. I don’t want to be embraced, instead I want to embrace her with my arms. And while I look her in the eyes, so I can remember what it’s like, to look into myself to reach deep down inside.
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fear, regret and disappointment they are your collar, you try to move but you are choked by the emotions and the fear, forever alone and broken, broken by the will of your master, the master is cold and unforgiving and takes great delight in watching you cower in fear. your collar in lined with beautiful dark red roses but unseen to the eye, the roses are just as cruel as the master. the thorns promise not to hurt you but they are deceiving they crave to cause you pain, the battles that you fight within yourself destroy all the confidence that you have ,but he has enough for the both of you, he sees you in pain and he knows that he wants to help and everyday he slowly undoes your collar bit by bit until you are free and the fear, regret and disappointment are nothing more than forgotten memories. whenever they try to take you down he is there to hold you up and brush the hair from your forehead, and you know that forever he will protect you and love you.

i hope this inst too weird you just inspired me to write this STGZLG
i loved what you wrote it is just, yeah nah there are no words well done
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@tracyleaann98 Nah, i think it was pretty cool!
it's kind of full with emotions and to be honest a love writings like those. It's like when you get drunk on emotions and sit in front of the PC and slam on the keyboard like if that was a catalyst for them.

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