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Posted 12/8/14
So I’m a biology major and recently I had to write a science review for one of my units. I had just finished the first season of the sci-fi anime “Knights of Sidonia”, and was captivated by the awesomeness in some of the ideas, particularly human photosynthesis, where the genetically engineered people in the anime were able to photosynthesize like plants and produce their own food. This helped them because they had lived in space for generations.

I decided I wanted to research how I could possibly achieve this one day, and so for my review article I researched the symbiosis of coral and photosynthetic dinoflagelate. I was amazed when I got a super high mark, way higher than I usually get, my article was ranked 2nd out of my 470 peers. I know that if I hadn’t watched knights of sidonia, I would have got no were near this, and I owe my grade to the inspiration brought on by this anime.

I want to hear if anyone else has stories like this?

Is this maybe only something that occurs with sci-fi anime?
Posted 12/8/14
I have no clue what any of that means. Sorry.
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That's really interesting.

I don't really have any similar stories, sorry When I did my science major, the most interesting thing I did was growing cancerous cells from this person... I don't even remember her name anymore... starts with "L". and isolating bacteria from soil.

In high school, I did a photosynthesis project comparing the differences between beanstalk that grew in full sunlight vs. beanstalk that grew in complete darkness...

The good 'ole days... nowadays I'm just a lazybum.
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Posted 2/3/15
That was awesome o:

Butt I don't have one, I try not to associate anime with reality but pirates wandering in heaven and snorkeling in the deep seas would be cool
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Warning! Very, very long rant about how this anime has impacted my life in ways I didn't expect. Thanks for reading if you do!

For me, the anime/manga Silver Spoon quite literally inspired me, and showed me a lot of different possibilities for me in terms of careers, education, and interests. It is very dear to my heart.

If you don't know, it's an anime about this character named Hachiken who transfers to an agriculture-based high school where they live in dorms and such and their classes are all focused on the agricultural industry (minus the few required general ed). I could relate to him on an extremely (almost scary) personal level because in middle school he was focused and strained so much on academics and getting high marks that the stress and importance of being smart finally got to a breaking point where he just said "I can't do this" and he transferred to that agriculture school, not knowing anything in that field much less at all what he really wanted to do in life career wise or otherwise.

Anyways, I say it's inspirational because before I watched this I was in a really bad situation (not going to go into extreme detail) involving my school and mental health, and basically was in a very similar situation as the main protagonist. I didn't know jack crap about agriculture or what it actually was before watching, but when I watched it, I realized that this agriculture thing might actually be something that I would potentially really love to try and do. I wanted to explore the field more, so I start googling things about it and such and then stumble on my local junior college's summer classes and guess what? "Sustainable Agriculture Academy" was there as a 2-week free class where they basically introduce you to all of the fields of career in agriculture in a hands-on way. I applied two weeks before the deadline and got accepted into the class of about 20 or less high school students.

In that class I made lots of friends and I can say it's one of the best experiences I've had in my entire life in school. We were taught about animal husbandry (my favorite!!), viticulture, wine making, forestry, soils, and horticulture, all hands on teaching with tons of animals (horses, cows, chickens, etc) on their giant campus property specifically for teaching JC students agriculture. I was introduced into a whole new world of the types of careers I would have never been exposed to if it weren't for silver spoon. It was bittersweet to part with a tight-nitch class that we all became close with during our two week summer period, because most students lived 30 minutes, sometimes even two hours away with few students in same schools, and lots in different ones. I later "graduated" that 2 week academy and since it counts for credits towards the junior college if I go there I'm strongly considering of applying in an agriculture major after I get my GED. The class helped me stabilize my life a bit.

Before I tell you something that might seem like a sheer coincidence or maybe just me really stretching for something that isn't there, I want to tell you why the anime is called "Silver Spoon" in the first place. It's explained in the anime better, but from what I remember in the anime there is a silver spoon always hanging in the entrance of the cafeteria in their school because a silver spoon in Japan (and in many various other places) is supposed to symbolize wealth, good fortune, and prosperity, along the lines of meaning "you will never go hungry". I also want to mention that the campus property we were on does not have a cafeteria, it has a large kitchen, but we aren't allowed to use it so we always brought our own lunches (even the teachers). The kitchen of course has utensils and some silverware, but they did not resemble the thing I was about to find in terms of texture and size; I knew it was not from there. On the last day of my agriculture class, right before our last class presentation as I was getting ready and exiting the washroom, guess what I saw on the ground in front of me?

A silver spoon.
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Posted 1/17/17
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