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Have you ever been depressed?
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21 / Texas
Posted 2/10/15
I have been suffering from depression for a very long time. It was diagnosed when I was a little kid in elementary school. I was bullied and harassed by my fellow students and like the good old Merica spirit. The teachers did nothing, because they did not see the incident. Anyways I grew up a lot meaner and colder, because of my bullies. Until I started fighting back; then I became a depressed kid with anger problems that none wanted to be friends with. It was around my middle school days that I discovered anime. From that moment on I filled my spare time with it, because it made me happy I started feeling like the characters were my friends and as time has progressed I found other people with similar interest.
It is in these interests that I have been able to connect with people all over the world and build a network of friends both in real life and online. I find it so funny and beautiful that someone you have never met can be so kind to others. It is the love that we share through similar interests that helps to cope with these feelings of depression and desire to be eradicated from this earth, but then…if we die. We may never get to see the next anime in line. If you have depression talk to someone there are good people out there and you have friends out there. You are kind, you are smart, and your are important.
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Posted 1/18/17
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