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Posted 12/10/14
Start writing!!
Posted 12/10/14 , edited 12/10/14
Hellos, just joined recently in hopes I can write better reviews. So far I have only written one review on Akame Ga Kill, let me see if I can dig that up.

Here we go.
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This Is An Enjoyable-ish Trainwreck.
By PeripheralVisionary on Nov 28, 2014
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After watching the anime, it left me with a greater appreciation of Akame Ga Kill's finer aspects, but it also alerted me to the several flagrant flaws in the story as well. Let's begin
-Characterization is just awful for the most part. Showing of the past and motive is few and far.
-Relies on stereotypes and cookie cutter traits (I.E. she is a bottomless pit, he is a pervert) for characterization.
-None of the characters are even remotely interesting save for a few. (The Jaegers)
-Tatsumi is the most cookie cutter protagonist I have seen in a long time.
-Fights are okay, but not great. Usually it is a series of somewhat flashy blows, people shouting out the name of moves we didn't know beforehand, etc. Not choreographed great.
-It has elements of harem and some fanservice in it to compliment it is more seinen elements. This just feels out of place in an otherwise edgy work.
-Comedy is done to soften up the tension, yet it usually unfunny and comes off shallow for taking place "too soon" after a character's passing.
-Story diverts from manga at episode 20 (Not that it bothered me.)

Now, for the pros-
-Okay Fights
-Mildly interesting antagonists.
-Decent music.
-It actually kills off people and keeps them dead.

Should you watch it? Certainly worth a look, but I am not frothing at the mouth in adulation for this work. There are certainly better works out there. (I hope)

Decided to go for a compact style, nothing too wordy.
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Posted 12/11/14
I'm sort of the "research extensively and examine the subject matter thoroughly" type, so my reviews will come out more slowly. I'm a tad busy at this particular moment to construct a review, but I fully intend to be an active member and am genuinely interested in seeing where this group can go.
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Posted 12/11/14

Sailor Moon Crystal

I was a bit reluctant about the reboot of the one of my favourite original series, given that in recent years we have seen a few reboots crash and burn, but this one did not disappoint. It was everything I had hoped it to be in means of story, it has thus far been true to its original concept and its meaning as it follows basically page for page the comic.
My only complaint is the 3D cell animation during the transformations; I didn’t feel this was needed as the art style seems out of place combined with the beautiful animation of the rest of the show.

The new opening is catchy and the lyrics show there is more to the series than it being just some magical girl fan service anime. I love how they actually made Tuxedo Kamen useful and the he plays a huge part in Sailor Moons development. Their love is strong, and surpasses the ages, and they really nailed that in this version.
I also really love that they made Raye Hino less hateful and jealous towards Usagi, but more like a stern hand and a guiding light, and that the girl’s friendships seem more solid and they are there for each other more than ever.
I can’t wait to see more of this, as it will be running into 2015 and hopefully beyond.
Posted 12/12/14
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Low Brow Pandering...I Guess It Is A Guilty Pleasure at Best?
By PeripheralVisionary on Dec 12, 2014 - See all reviews by PeripheralVisionary
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I watch this show, and It's nothing but a mess of fanservice and wish fullfilment, and ultimately, low brow pandering. It's a guilty pleasure at best for me, and at worst?

Well, Let's get to it.

-The games, which are the "intellectual" part of the games, are won by asspulls mostthe time and barely lack any notable tactics other than "Hey, look at all the cool OP stuff I can do". We're never left wondering "if they can do it", because we're pretty sure it would be won by any means necessary, even if it egregiously bend rules to favor our protagonists.

-They're portrayed as paragons of wisdom and virtue. I'm sure most paranoid shut ins would like to be called wise and all that, but quite simply this is pandering to the teenager who wishes to create a fantasy in which they are king or queen. It's quite sickening. Not to mention the blatant disrespect for Stephanie Dola, the buttmonkey of the franchise, which doesn't bother me initially if they weren't portrayed in some twisted way as being morally infallible and wise.

-Fanservice doesn't bother me at that much, but it makes too much of the shows appeal than one would like to admit.

-Comedy was okay

-It's colorful.

Conclusion? It's low brow pandering, but you might enjoy it.
Posted 12/23/14
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I will change this review if I misinterpreted something. Now, about Another...
it started off fairly good and creepy, no clues were given as to what was happening. Then, by mid show, it showed some flaws.

-No clues were given midpoint, and only till episode 9 of the series. Seriously, a mystery horror without clues?
-The important clue they uncovered? Yep, I predicted that a mile away, though in all fairness, I guess it wasn't all that predictable.
-We really didn't give a crap about characters. The one with the most characterization is Misaki Mei. Yet we're introduced to an avalanche of deaths for the sake of gore.
-Most of the episodes are really filler, with nothing important to add to the mystery element of the story. I mean, there was even a beach episode. A Beach Episode?! Really?
-The mystery is resolved by an asspull at the end, ala unexplained power kept hidden away for a nonsensical reason. The biggest "Screw You" given to the audience and anyone paying attention.

Now, as for the good stuff about the anime...

-The atmosphere was good (Sorta)
-Beginning had no clues, as if to disoriented the audience.

Horror is not simply gory deaths, and mysteries rarely survive without giving clues to the audience.
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Posted 12/23/14 , edited 12/23/14
I am interested to see what is going to happen with Akame Ga Kill. I watched the first 15 episodes...

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