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Posted 12/10/14 , edited 12/10/14
so the issue i have with it is when ever i finish a show i get it. but you know what i am not an anime convert so why do i get it? i have over 200 shows under my belt, and i still get this badge so why? personally it needs to either be renamed or fixed so that you only get it once. i get the point of it, its good but i don't need it 3 times when i decide to finish reborn over finals week instead of studying.... so yeah.

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Posted 12/10/14
i kinda agree becuase like ill be the guy to finish 5 series in a week and it kinda cluters the acheivement space
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Posted 12/11/14
It'd be nice if it kept track of what shows you've finished watching when it gives you that badge. And I agree, only need to award it once, so if you marathon your favorite show 3 times, no need to get that badge 3 times.
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Posted 12/11/14
Meh, achievements are really a bit pointless, and you only get them for web browser activity, nothing by using any of the devices or consoles triggers them.

To me it looks like they are slowly being phased out. A couple of the ones that used to exist stopped being awarded recently, like "frequent visitor" and "you can count on me".

None are completely permanent in any case, even all the previous months' worth for the current year get wiped clean every January 1st and you start over.

Badges seem to be permanent, though and would make more sense for this, but only if they could count all the other means to watch (Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, android, IOS, game consoles, etc) Maybe milestone badges like 10, 50, 100 series watched, that sort of thing would be better than something which is only temporary.
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Posted 10/7/17
It would be nice if the achievements kept track of what you watched, otherwise they're kind of pointless.
A list of completed shows in the profile would be nice too.
I guess we have MAL for that anyway.
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