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Posted 12/11/14 , edited 12/11/14
First i would like to say that i love crunchyroll. But I've ran into a problem. I can stream video perfectly fine on my computer in 720p but not 1080p. The problem isn't with the site or anything its just that I have a slower connection.

So here comes my suggestion. When watching videos on my PS4 or PS3 I've noticed that the crunchyroll app likes to try to play the video in the highest quality (usually 1080p) and then because of my slower internet it downgrades the quality to 480p. I know that my internet can handle 720p but it just jumps straight to 480p. I think it would be great if you guys could put a toggle in the settings menu were you can pick the max resolution or force a resolution (if avaliable. you cant play a 480p video in 1080p). I feel that this would help to eliminate the horrible looking video by letting my pick the resolution manually that my internet can handle.
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