Ways to download videos?
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Posted 12/11/14
I'm not entirely sure if this against the rules or even in the correct forum, but is there a way to download videos from Crunchyroll so I could watch them offline from my PC? I have extremely slow internet and id like to watch shows with one of my friends, who lives in an entirely different state than me, so being in Skype and trying to load a video at the same time does NOT work in any way. I have a paid subscription and have had one for a very long time, so i'm not trying to get anything for free here or anything, id just like to watch and anime with my friend. I also want them from here because I want the subtitles to match, so I can be assured that we are watching the same thing. Is it possible?
Posted 12/11/14 , edited 12/11/14
Not legally. Sadly one of the ways Flash attempts to keep people from just pulling unencrypted video out of memory is by using a relatively tiny buffer. Considering CR's stuff ends up on plenty of illegal sites anyway, I wish they'd redesign their player for better buffer so people watching legally actually get good performance, especially with 1080.
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