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Posted 12/12/14
Don't know if this is posted yet, but now that the years almost over, what are your favorite anime's to come out this year?

My top 10 would have to be

1.Hunter X Hunter
2.Psycho Pass 2
3.Kuroko's Basketball
4.Parasyte the Maxim
5.Hajime no Ippo
6.Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusader
7.Fate Stay Night
9.Terra Formars
10.Aldonoah Zero

Favorite Scene:Netero vs Mereum Hunter x Hunter
Biggest Surprises:Yowanpeda-how can a show about a kid on a bike be so good?
Parasyte the Maxim:Never heard of it before, but its great. Has that old school Devilman/Guyver feel to it.
This list order changes depending on my mood, what were/are your favorite shows of the year?
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23 / M / Norway
Posted 12/12/14 , edited 12/12/14
1. Your lie in april
2. Hajime no ippo rising
3. Hunter x hunter
3. Kuroko no basket
4. Fate stay night
5. Parazyte
6. Tokyo ghoul
7. Nanatzu no taizai
8. Ao Haru ride
9. No game no life
10. Baby steps
11. Noragami

Favorite scenes this year: Ippo vs Sawamura and Aomine vs Kagami zone, because sports anime for the win
Biggest surprise: Your lie in april. I did not expect a masterpiece to come out of nowhere...
Posted 12/12/14 , edited 12/22/15
1. Akame Ga Kill!
2. Sword Art Online II
3. No Game No Life
4. Wake Up Girls!
5. Ace Of Diamond
6. Haikyuu!!
7. Sailor Moon Crystal
8. Bladedance of Elementalers
9. Black Bullet
10. Aldnoah.Zero

Favorite Scene: I can't pick one..
Biggest Surprise: Sword Art Online II. You dejectors made me rethink it but no you're the ones who are wrong
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21 / M
Posted 12/12/14 , edited 12/12/14
1. Celestial Method
2. The Fruit of Grisaia
3. Cardfight Vanguard: Link Joker
4. Baby Steps
5. Invaders of the Rokujyoma
6. Fate/Kaelid Liner
7. In Search of the Lost Future
8. Bladedance of the Elementalers
Yep that's it, not a lot of good stuff this year.
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28 / M / Anime World
Posted 12/12/14 , edited 12/12/14
Fairly good year..

Hmm, in no particular order:

1) Hunter x Hunter
2) Noragami
3) Parasyte
4) Your Lie in April
5) Barakamon
6) Black Butler: Book of Circus
7) Haikyuu!!
8) Ping Pong
9) Yowanpeda
10) Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Not sure yet my surprise of the year yet; maybe Soredemo or Sidonia.
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M / Seattle
Posted 12/12/14 , edited 12/12/14
It's tough because some shows are still ongoing but...

1. Haikyū!!
2. Your Lie in April
3. Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
4. Aldnoah.Zero
5. Yūki Yūna wa Yūsha de Aru
6. Hanayamata
7. Sabagebu!
8. Engaged to the Unidentified
9. Locodol
10. Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!
Posted 12/12/14
A little early for that, isn't it? I mean once the 31. has passed we'll have an eternity to talk about the top Anime of 2014, so why talk about it when a fourth of the shows haven't even finished? I'll be back in three weeks with my detailed list, maybe even a Top 25
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34 / M / Seattle
Posted 12/12/14
Here is my top 10 at the moment, as they are subject to change based on watching new stuff and everything (this is for shows that started in 2014, so nothing that started before then are included)

1. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
2. Terror in Resonance
3. One Week Friends
4. No Game, No Life
5. Barakamon
6. Haikyuu
7. Silver Spoon 2
8. Noragami
9. Free! Eternal Summer
10. Your Lie in April

Overall, it's a pretty good year based on having lots of great shows to watch, but there's not much in the way of top-shelf material.
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28 / M / Anime World
Posted 12/12/14
Hmm, I think I'm going to make a bigger list after this season is done. Forgot quite a few there now like Terror in Tokyo, Silver Spoon 2, and a few others.
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Posted 12/12/14 , edited 5/25/15
1. Jojo
2. Jojo
3. Jojo
4. Jojo
5. Jojo
6. Jojo
7. Jojo
8. Jojo
9. Jojo
10. School Days
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22 / M / Shortbread Land
Posted 12/12/14 , edited 12/12/14
Not my official top 10 yet as I've still not watched Ping Pong or Sidonia no Kishi. I'm not sure how much that will affect the list, though I have heard very good things about Ping Pong. When the Fall anime season actually ends I'll probably add to this and make a Top 20 list since this year has had a lot of very strong anime.

1. Your Lie in April (Not yet rated)
2. Parasyte (Not yet rated)
3. Mushishi Zoku Shou (9/10)
4. Monthly Girls: Nozaki-kun (8.5/10)
5. Selector WIXOSS series (8.5/10)
6. Haikyuu!! (8.5/10)
7. Sabagebu (8.25/10)
8. No Game No Life (8.25/10)
9. Barakamon (8/10)
10. Space Dandy (8/10)

Favourite scenes:

Biggest surprises: 1) Selector WIXOSS Series: a truly fantastic series with an intriguing story, surprisingly emotional characters and some incredibly dark themes.
2) Nobunaga Concerto: Far more comedic than what I at first expected. The characters are interesting and have great chemistry while the Concerto concept brings an interesting twist to the story of Nobunaga.
3) Sabagebu: Sonokawa, Momoka is the best female character in anime this year. She is breath of fresh air and brings about some unbelievably funny moments.

Biggest disappointments: Sadly there's a few:

1: Glasslip- Tries to be symbolic but ends up just being dull. A boring story with poorly developed characters that evoke little to no emotion at all.
2. Magical Warfare- That pacing, just wow.
3. Tokyo ESP- Horrible story with poorly developed characters and a weak ending.
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20 / Finland
Posted 12/12/14 , edited 12/12/14
I didn't watch enough series to justify making a top 10 list since that would have meant adding series, which I didn't actually really find good enough to be worth mentioning.

1. Aldnoah Zero
2. The Fruit of Grisaia
3. Sabagebu! - Survival Game Club! –
4. Akame Ga Kill
5. Black Bullet

Favourite scene: The season finale of Aldnoah Zero. #shots...fired?
Biggest surprise: Akame Ga Kill. I thought it was going to be just yet another generic action series. It was actually good.
Biggest disappointment: Mekakucity Actors. A great pilot episode...followed by a confusing story, which was way less interesting than I expected. Edit: It's apparently much easier to understand if you read some novels and watch music videos. I should have read that while I was watching the series. Now I'm too lazy to do so.
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Posted 12/12/14 , edited 1/31/15

1. Hunter x hunter 2011 (duh)
2. Parasyte
3. Jojo bizarre adventure part 3
4. Psyco pass 2
5. Fate stay night

Favorite scene:

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24 / M / Hawaii
Posted 12/12/14
I only have a top 5 right now. There's still some shows I need to finish and catch up with before I decide my top 10.

1) Space Dandy
2) Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
3) Rage of Bahamut: Genesis
4) Jojo's Bizzare Adventures: Stardust Crusaders
5) Sword Art Online II

I also have a bottom five:

1) Psycho Pass 2
2) Pupa
3) Mahou Sensou
4) Cross Ange
5) Tokyo ESP

Yes, I am aware I put Psycho Pass 2 over Pupa.

Favorite Scene- Every episode of Space Dandy. Also, the ferris wheel scene from Terror in Resonance.
Biggest surprise- Rage of Bahamut: Genesis. This show is based on a mobile card battle game... it has no right to be as great as it is.

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28 / M / Shiranui
Posted 12/12/14
hmmm, I will have to think about this. Will re-edit my post
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