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Posted 12/12/14 , edited 12/12/14
Hey guys. DA:I's been out awhile now, so there's been plenty of time to get a decent feel for the game.
General discussion thread.
Thoughts, discussions, funny bug screenies, your Inquisitor's sob story, anything goes.

My Inquisitor is a Kossith mage (I've had a major thing for Qunari since DA2, don't judge) named Ataari. I drew him three times way before DA:I even came out and managed to make him look nothing like how I'd imagined him. Yay. (I would also like to thank the character customizer for not providing any weight/thickness and height options.)
I had him pegged as a Tal-Vashoth who'd escaped from being a Ben-Hassrath on Par Vollen on one of the Arishok's ships. The whole "sick 'n tired of this crap so I'm outies" routine. Fun times for all.

So far I'm loving the game, though the lack of a "Qunari-sounding" VA annoys me a bit. I want that hulking bit of manmuscle to sound FOREIGN, like the Qunari are, not like they lived in Ferelden their whole life. I know there must be hella lines to recite for a third VA, but come on, EA. The Qunari aren't dog lords or atrociously-gem-adorned traders or princes. They shouldn't sound like it, either.

One small complaint I have so far was the fact I stumbled upon a Rift that was too overleveled for me at the time too near another Rift that I absolutely wrekt. Sir, I should not go from being the slaughterer to being slaughtered in the exspanse of a ten-second walk.

That about sums it up for me so far. Once school chills out and lets me game I'll be able to comment on its perks a bit more.
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