Animes that you like thanks significantly to an OST
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Posted 12/13/14 , edited 12/13/14
Have you ever taken a liking to a certain series, even though you are aware that the show might be just "good" or "above average", because of one single track the anime has? I have 2 personal examples:

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

As much as I like this show, I have to admit it's not of something spectacular. Critically, I would give the show a 7-7.25 but due to "Requiem", one of the show's OST, I HAVE to give it a 9 since the song is just sooooo good. It gives you a sense of lingering, regret, even elegy, and most importantly, lovesickness.


I absolutely adore Anohana. However, regardless of how much I cried during the last episode, I think the show deserves an 8-8.5 critically. Secret just makes the show 10 times better. Wanna make me cry and you can't find the video for Clannad AS episode 18 anywhere? Just play Secret Base and I would bawl my eyes out.

So what is the anime that you adore because of that one single track?
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Posted 12/13/14
Cowboy Bebop

It's arguably one of the best anime shows ever made (my opinion). However, I think that the soundtrack elevates this to that lofty position because while it is a great show, there are so many moments and scenes that I can recall from memory specifically because of the music that was playing at that moment. The opening guitar solo when we first see Tijuana, Spike being tossed out of the Cathedral by Vicious, the ending scene to the two part story arc "Jupiter Jazz," and of course after the last "Bang" as well when the camera pans up to the blue sky.

Fooly Cooly

Seriously, I don't think I would have ever liked this show if it were not for the Pillows. Without them, I would have never liked it in the first place... not to mention I would have never discovered them and years later realize they were my favorite band... even if I don't know what they are singing about 99.99% of the time.
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Posted 12/13/14
The shows I'm going to list are great and the soundtracks are "icing on the cake" and add to the value. I don't think I would necessarily watch a show for the ost, for example, I hate Sword Art Online, but think Yuki Kajura is an excellent composer.I listened to some of the ost when I was bored to death of the show.

Fate Zero Point Zero-this song is epic

Psycho Pass track 1-went very well with the chase scenes

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure-Field of Freight-went well with the intro of the pillar men

Hajime no IppoWeight of my Pride-good lead up to fight with Sawamura Ryuuhei

Hunter x Hunter last mission-perfect lead to fight with Netero vs Mureum

I can list 100 more
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Posted 12/14/14
Aldnoah Zero thanks to Sawano Hirasawa

TBH the first episode was great, however (Urobutcher only worked on the first episode) you can see how the studio really tried to replicate the Urobutchers way of storytelling and be all edgy and deep, but ended up making it retarded.

"Lets let the 8 year old drive the hummer as the princess leaps from it onto the back of a spaceship" <(pretty much sums up the anime)
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Posted 12/14/14 , edited 12/14/14
Revolutionary Girl Utena

Has a great Mixture of Classical, and modern pop tunes (for the time it was made) that really make it stand out.

Secret Garden

Ultimate Destiny Apocalypse:
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Posted 12/27/15
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