What Would be Considered Good Sales for Anime DVDs/Blurays?
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Posted 12/14/14 , edited 12/14/14
Hey guys,

So I'm wondering what would be considered a good sales number for anime DVD/bluray sales. I want specifics on individual volume sales, life time sales, etc. Please inform me on what's a good number.

For example, I'm well versed when it comes to video game sales/business. Like, 100,000 copies for an average game in like the first 1-2 weeks is pretty solid. Then as time goes on (within the next 3 months): 250,000 is good, 500,000 is great, and then if you got over a million that means you did awesome and should pat yourself on the back. Of course, some games have different budgets so things vary, but that's a rough scale.

I'm wondering what would be the anime dvd equivalent to that scale. Like, when I look at this webpage: http://animetotalsales.blogspot.com/ I have no idea what's a good sales figure and what's not.

If someone could please educate me on what's a good, average, and bad sales number for anime dvds, then that would be much appreciated.
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