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---------Top Secret Files >> HA_HQ_ED_01


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From an outsider's perspective, the building where the headquarters reside looks like a simple establishment that sells gadgets and its accessories, with internet cafe and other stores as sidelines. Eous secretly had bought the whole establishment and later added the headquarters, wherein only members knows how to access it. He, of course, took precautions of jinxing the password, so that anyone who isn't part of his little gang wouldn't be able to enter inside, or discover it, no matter how hard they try, unless, if they are invited (and was approved by Eous) inside, only then they could enter. They must take a vow of silence, however, or ill things might happen to them, after all, their leader is a cynical and enigmatic man with a high regards for promises and vows.

»» Violence within the premises of the Head quarters is strictly prohibited.

»» Treachery will not be taken lightly, and if anyone is caught conspiring with the enemies, punishment awaits and banishment from the gang.

»» NO Loitering along the corridors or any rooms or areas of the Head Quarters. Clean as you go.

»» No one is allowed inside the room of anyone, unless with permission.

»» Members mustn't call each other with their real names within the premises of the HQ. Code names are given for easier access in the place, should an enemy would spy on them.


»» Respect the leader and all its chosen officials in his court.

»» If one wishes to challenge a higher authority of its rule, he or she is allowed to issue a challenge to the said official, given that the one being challenged may have the liberty of choosing the said game they will compete in.

»» The said challenge will be foreseen by either the leader or another official of his court. Spectators are allowed if permitted to be.

All members are expected to follow these rules set by the leader or officials. Failure to obey the rules set will receive a punishment equal to the rule broken.

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The following are the gangs who signed a treaty with Hyperion Altair, considered as temporary allies, depending on how long the treaty lasts and how it was forged. Each of the gangs are given protection and aid of the Hyperion Altair and vice versa. To join the alliance, please contact or pm -Ataravia for more details.

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The Two Faced Knight

[Khaeros Altheia]
Eous Dion
The Ace of Spades

Adrian Evans
The Hanged Man

Natalia Eurybia
The Silver Queen

[Starla Zenna]
Shianne Sychronia

The Joker

[Farceur Sombre]
Kagetane Hiruko



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A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T S / C R E D I T S

Inspiration drawn from No Game No Life Anime for the theme of the game.
Muses the group Semblance and the idea of techno savy bastards.
images from Zerochan and Google. I own nothing but the edited version (c) to the respective owners.
Format for the members' list was inspired by -heirloom and -kyodaina

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