Fan Fiction or Original Work: Which Do You Prefer To Write
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F / Florida, USA
Posted 12/15/14
Which do you prefer or like to write more: Fan Fictions or your own original work?
Posted 12/15/14
I definitely prefer to write my own stuff. I've never personally had the desire to write fan fiction; I just don't see the appeal in working with someone else's characters and material, even if I really enjoy the content.
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Posted 12/16/14
I love writing both. Right now, I'm writing more fanfiction than original fiction because I'm more motivated by it for some reason. It's also good practice to me. Take someone else's world and work with it? Awesome. Now try to create my own world? Awesome, but much more difficult. It's nice to have that stepping stone of having worked out a new way to handle someone else's world before writing my own worlds.

And I've pretty much always been into fanfiction, even before I knew about it. I never wrote it (and besides, I found out about fanfiction when I was 12, so I wasn't much of a writer back then), but I was always coming up with new ideas and new scenarios and I even once had this whole world gigantic crossover thing I'd had in my head for two years. Looking back, a lot of it was rather childish, but the fact I kept it all straight without writing it down, and kept coming up with somewhat decent reasons for many of the events and relations... that still amazes me.

Even now every time I watch or read something new or even rewatch and reread, I'm always coming up with fanfiction. It's part of who I am. I rarely write any of it but I still have some fanfictions.

As for original fictions, I have quite a few short story ideas, three novels started, and at least one idea for a series. I just have motivation troubles mostly. And I'm way too easily distracted with reading (fanfiction or 'regular' fiction).

In the end, I go through phases of writing and what I like. So usually, I have more inspiration and motivation to write my various fanfictions but that doesn't stop me from at least planning out my original fictions.

I can't decide which I like better though. Both are fun to write and read, especially since fanfiction points out flaws in the writing of an original fiction, and they can be fun to exploit too. Original fiction, where every thing is new and bright and shiny when read is great too, even with reading the fanfiction. Writing it, its wonderful to be writing something completely of my own creation.

So yeah.
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34 / M / outer wall, level...
Posted 12/17/14
both. im working on a origonal sci fi princess story, but i also got a full metal panin fan fiction going.
i also want to start another fanfiction. mostly i want to see what happens after the end of the anime. my fanfiction was born of a need for more story.
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Posted 12/22/14

Original Work, mostly. My partner and I had been working on a story since February. It all started from roleplay forum and we edited them into a novel version!

It would be much appreciated if you guys could read and comment on us ^^


Also our current story:

which is written originally from roleplay version here: CROSSING PAST ORI

And if you're into RP or a place to flow your imagination, feel free to join us in RP : AKUTOHIME

Thank you, xoxo -Yuki-
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Posted 12/22/14 , edited 12/22/14
I like to write both. Obviously you can do more with original work, but you can still do a lot with fan-fiction. For instance, a fan-fiction I am currently working on is a crossover between Halo and Destiny. Now, Halo has a lot of characters, dates, battles, and stories introduced. Destiny has no story, some characters, some battles, and no dates. With this formula, and quite a few other combos, you can create a lot of stuff for your story. Original characters, new locations, and a story that has nothing connected to the main storyline of the games. The best thing about fan-fictions with original characters is that you can make references to characters we've seen in the canon lore. The friends who I have showed an early draft to have said that they even feel like it's apart of each game's universe.
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Posted 12/23/15
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