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Posted 12/16/14
So, it's Tuesday and I haven't been able to watch videos (Premium member) on any of my devices since Sunday. I didn't try on Saturday, so maybe we're on day 4 of it not working?

Yesterday I tried it briefly during the day on my iPad and actually got a video to start, but I was at work so I thought, "Hark! It's fixed!". When I came home and sat down to watch, though, no luck. Everything works up until the streaming part - I can see my queue, I can see the descriptions, I can see everything. When I (attempt to) start the video playing, though, it just sits and spins.

Could we get this addressed, pretty please??
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Posted 12/16/14 , edited 12/16/14
This has been going on since at least Friday (thats when I noticed it). If you look , there are about half a dozen threads across several device forums for this same issue. Fixes have been posted in all these threads, these three are probably the most active.

So far we've noticed it seems to be a problem with the Time Warner DNS. If we change the DNS, connect via mobile or, as you noticed, connect via a different network we can get service again.

The same thing happened to me on Saturday. I checked a video at Kroger while waiting for a prescription and it worked, only to be disappointed when I got home.
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