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Chapter 1
A full moon guarded the sky surrounded by skyscrapers.

Her curly snow white hair tied up in high twin tails reached her waist. Her fringe covered her forehead and left eye, only reveling her purple eye. "The princess," the demon hissed.

Her eyes started glowing. Frost covered the ground underneath her.

At the front of a classroom was a tall Japanese woman with her black hair tied back in a pony tail. "Today we have an transfer student from England," she announced "England?" someone in the class repeated. "She's different but look after her," the teacher nodded. Suddenly there was a quite knock from the door. "Come in," the teacher added. The door opened with Yuki in the doorway. Her makeup was a light layer of pastel pink eye shadow and a thin layer of eyeliner. Her outfit consisted of a traditional Japanese school uniform which consisted of a black pleated skirt which reached ten inches above her knees, a pale purple Japanese tie bow, a white seifuku top, with a black collar and had a crescent moon embroidery on the sleeve, an over-sized pastel pink jacket which reached just below her hips and thigh high black socks. "Everyone, welcome Kurayami Yuki to the class," the teacher announced. "Eh? Why so close to the end of the year?" a girl in the front row asked. "It's late in the year but look after her," the teacher responded.

"Your seat is the one by the window at the back," the teacher informed.

At lunch time a girl with straight black hair reaching her shoulders and wearing a pair of black glasses, walked up to her table."Nice to meet you, I'm Saegusa Mayumi," she greeted. "N-Nice to meet you, I'm Kurayami Yuki," Yuki shyly blushed. "Do you want to join us?" she offered. "Are you sure?" Yuki shyly asked. "Of course," Mayumi nodded. "I'm Sasaki Ayaka," the girl who was beading heart shaped beads onto a piece of string added. "She gets in the zone whenever she makes jewelry, its her talent," Mayumi explained. Yuki awkwardly nodded. Mayumi moved the sketchbook off the table and into her school bag hanging at the side. "Sasaki, time to eat," she sighed. Ayaka looked up from the jewelry before nodding. "Sorry," she responded. "It's okay," Yuki smiled. "So you studied in England?" Mayumi asked, picking up the rice in her bento using chopsticks. "I grew up there," Yuki nodded. "How is it so far here?" Ayaka wondered, taking a bite out of her pasta. "Different but its okay," Yuki mumbled.

Her foot slipped on the step. THUD. A shadow covered her light. Looking up, she saw a Japanese boy about 170 cm tall with dark red hair and brown eyes.

"Are you okay?" he asked, holding out his hand. "I'm okay, thanks," Yuki blushed, using his hand to stand up. "Your pretty clumsy, aren't you?" he laughed, watching her checks blush. "Kamijo!" a male voice shouted out. "Ah, that's the team captain,got to go, see you around," he waved before running of down the hallway. Footsteps bounced off the walls in-front of her. "He's Kamijo Ryosuke, he's just being nice," Ran commented as she walked past.

A black mask covered his nose and mouth. His outfit consisted of black trousers, a white shirt,black finger-less gloves, black blazer and a lose black tie.

"Guess we have no choice," Ren sighed. His dark red eyes suddenly glowed.

"Kurayami-chan!" Ryosuke grinned, running up to her. "H-Hi!" Yuki blushed, pulling down her sleeve. "Come watch the basketball club practice today, its a private one," he smiled.
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