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Posted 12/17/14 , edited 12/17/14
by CrayMeganeChan

Just from reading the description of this show, I knew for sure that DENKI-GAI would probably one of my favorite shows to watch this season. Having seen such shows at Wagnaria!! and Servant X Service, I've become a fan of seeing "unique" characters in a workplace setting. This time the work place is set in a manga bookstore and we get to see the daily, humorous lives of this cast of employees.

So what is the daily life like for the employees of Umanohone Bookstore? Or more like what are the characters like? Well, we have an aspiring manga artist who isn't every confident in her "girl meter" and can be childish at times, a high school girl who has prepared for the day a zombie outbreak happens, a girl who likes to takes pictures of others but doesn't like photos taken of her, the new employee who definitely shows off his knowledge of manga and anime as he becomes a completely different person when explaining so, a guy who likes filming and making fun of his fellow employees, and an employee so knowledgeable about manga he has his own "meetings" where he can recommend certain manga to the right people. And those are just the main characters. There are others that you will met during the show that add their who weirdness to the mix. And it isn't just the characteristics of the characters that makes the show funny but also their interactions with one another. Connections are made with particular characters that makes it more than just the work life of fellow employees. You have to remember that this also part romantic as well. Feelings towards other characters are obvious but still done is some hilarious situations.

With the Fall season coming to an end, so will this show too and I will be sad when it leaves. Didn't really watch too many shows this season but I'm glad this was one of the ones I did. This slice of life comedy really provided me with many laughs through out the episodes and still managed to get some heartfelt romance in there. The characters are all ones that you would not forget and you might even end up with a few of your memorable moments of them. Well, as I mentioned the Fall season is coming to an end and there is only a couple episodes left. So if you haven't watched the series yet, catch up now and watch the remaining new episodes on Thursdays at 10:30am EST right here on Crunchyroll.
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Posted 1/2/15

القصص الكورية جميله وممتعه أنا أحب أن أشاهد الأفلام و المسلسلات الكورية فيها الكوميديا و الرومانسية
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