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Posted 12/17/14 , edited 12/17/14
by Welldweller

In this quirky comedic series of mini-sodes, I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying, is a journey into the lives of a married couple , Kaoru, an average office worker, her otaku husband Hajime, and their interactions with others in their eccentric married life. As their worlds collide and relationship is tested, you can't help but feel they are truly in love in a slightly dysfunctional relationship. As both of their personalities are over the top, the story is full of comedic ups and downs.

Most of the comedic turns come from fun word plays and misunderstandings. With the more than occasional visits from Hajime's brother, Mayotama, whom is a yaoi manga artist with a perverted sense of humor more often than not aimed at his older brother, as they deal with Kaoru 's family and their over protectiveness of her. In her role as wife, Kaoru has made some changes for Hajime, to appeal to his otaku side, as Hajime has made changes of his own for Kaoru, including a somewhat "normal" job to support her. While their relationship and mishaps revolve around what one assumes what the other would want from them, they always end up ultimately proving that opposites do attract and love can come from anyone to anywhere.
The characters are easy to empathize with and give a true sense into the way the world is heading with the dependency on the internet. . The tale of these lovers is recounted from when they first dated, to how they married and the circumstances that led them to their life together. including their decisions on Whether or not they may be ready for kids, regardless of others, and making decisions that are best for them together.

The animation is stylized yet simplistic and conveys the emotions so well anyone not well versed in anime can understand what is being conveyed. Easily fluid into a cute chibi style or anything more serious to comedic. It's a style that definitely has mass appeal.
Although best enjoyed and more relate-able for older teens and above, it's perfect for anyone who is an otaku and has to explain any of their hobbies to their significant others or families.
These episodes are approximately 3 minutes of a good time and are currently Simulcasted on Crunchyroll at 11:30am PST!

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