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¢нαяα¢тєя ¢яєαтισи

/x/ Rank /x/ Race /x/ Guides /x/
x x x x x x x
you can also claimed or reserved whichever you want

[ ¢ н α я α ¢ т є я ¢ я є α т ι σ и ]

✡ Name
✡ Age (in Letters)
✡ Sex
✡ Race (right above "character creation")
✡ Rank (right above "character creation")
✡ Weapons/Skills (max of 5 weapons needs skills too)
✡ Ability (you need only two abilities)
✡ Appearance (picture or description)
✡ History (optional)
✡ Guidelines
✡ How many characters have you make? (required - if its one character just put 1. if your going to make more characters put #'s so we know)
✡ Anime Claimed Character (required - what anime character are you playing for your " Fallens " Character)
✡ Skills (max. of 6 skills w/ descriptions of how it would works and ranks of your cooking skills)

✡ Strength
✡ Magia
✡ Cooking
✡ Skill
✡ Speed
✡ Defense
✡ Resist

credits by isette @ FALLENS.
pictures made by ribbet & pixlr
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