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Post Reply Is MAL a decent way to scout an anime's quality?
Posted 1/29/15 , edited 1/29/15

kufirst wrote:

I respect them because they're well-written not really because they're professional sites solely dedicated to reviewing anime. I never even got close to discrediting the quality and relevance of user reviews on MAL so no need to be so butthurt. I simply prefer and can rely on the reviews on those sites much more. Plus I find their interface for browsing reviews much more expedient than looking them up on MAL.

I'm not saying their bad, but I honestly believe you are underestimating the quality of MAL reviews. They offer both sides of the same coin. Professional review sites usually do just one. They're just as well written as any professional article. I don't see the difference except MAL offers more. In my opinion it's better to look at both critics and lovers opinions before deciding. That's why MAL is superior to those sites.

And yes, you kind of discredited them by saying you could rely on these so called professional reviews more. They're no different than us human beings. I saw Otaku USA give a shitty review praising Akame Ga Kill for being mature. Richard Eisenbeis gave a review that gushes over the SAO anime from Kotaku.
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Posted 1/29/15 , edited 1/29/15
I'm also not saying MAL reviews are altogether unvaluable nor am I saying I agree with every review on the abovementioned sites but I honestly believe you'll never really care about the the issue at stake here. I find it easier and quicker to read the reviews from those sites, and yes because of that and because of the consistent clarity with which certain reviewers on those sites write with, I prefer depending on those sites more than MAL.

That's it buddy, there's no secret agenda to destroy the reputation of reviewers on MAL, no ulterior motive to say "Hey, I think the reviews I read are better than everyone else's and because of that I have the best taste in anime" because I simply don't care for arguing for the sake of arguing, I read the reviews I've come to know and trust and I move on.
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