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Post Reply Dibble and triple charged!
Der Zoodirektor
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Posted 12/19/14

cbm90 wrote:

I can't display this picture because it contains credit cardInformation. But I did check all my credit card statements. I received a charge of $13 a month (which is the price after taxes or conversion whatever it is). And no other charges. So I'm not sure what your site is seeing and it's probably why I am having difficulty logging onto the app..... I would still like an explanation on all those false charges so hopefully I will hear back from someone, but at the very least I'm not being charged extra

Okay, I'm relieved that you don't actually get extra charges to your card.
I think it would be easiest to resolve if you just stopped the recurring membership on iTunes to get rid of this odd behaviour.

You don't need to subscribe through iTunes to be able to use our services on Apple products. A regular membership through our site will work as well. Also paying in your local currency might be a bit cheaper than paying in USD through the iTunes.
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Posted 12/19/14
I may look into this, I know I'm paying $9 for funimation. But at the same time I'm not really too worried about a dollar or two LOL. It was a different matter when I thought it was $20 or $30 LOL
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