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Is It Bad To Like Things that Are Wish Fulfillment or Lowbrow
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Posted 12/20/14 , edited 12/20/14
When I watch movies and buy movies, I go for quality movies. When I buy video games and play video games, I go for the cream of the crop and what interests me the most.

But anime...haha, in recent years, it has become that most anime I buy and watch is 'fan service' of some sort. I don't mean ecchi titles exclusively, although there is some of that. What I'll do is watch titles simply because of a character or characters I end up getting interest in and liking. It may be a female character or characters that get me to watch a show, or a kemonomimi character or characters, or a trap character or characters, or some combination of all of the above, or even other things (like, for example, one anime I'm interested in that focuses on a couple and it is pretty ecchi). Also, I like many animes centered on yuri, and if an anime has a yuri couple that I find out about and like, it could get me to check out that series.

I like what I get out of anime when it is in this manner, but...hah, I could stand to watch more animes that stand on other merits...ones that are critically acclaimed. For instance, I should get around to watching Attack on Titan and Gurren Lagann.
Posted 12/20/14
I'd go for some wish fulfilled without all the strings attached. Schlock satisfies the basic part of man.
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Posted 12/27/14
Based on the opening post for /forumtopic-881453/is-it-wrong-to-hate-a-show-because-it-is-wish-fulfillment, this is now closed.
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