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Posted 12/20/14 , edited 12/20/14
(Pretty Much the only place I could think to put this topic)

I don't use my phone for streaming, I find it uncomfortable and distracting, but I do use my handheld a lot. Vita, 3DS, etc.

Especially in the EU/UK territories, there has been some strange goings on over the past couple of years.. I guess... that's a strange way to put it, whatever.

The Vita and Ps3 (maybe ps4? I haven't confirmed it), do not have crunchyroll apps in the EU/UK territories, however, the 360 does, and the Vita and PS3 has these apps in other territories (NA).

This is the same deal with Netflix, the vita and 3DS both have apps in the NA, but not in europe.

So what gives? I did some quick searching and asking, and found a mix of responses.

"The app is still under development for european territories, and will be released soon" - late 2013
"[Sony won't let us release it]"
"This is not our area"

etc, etc.

This wouldn't be so stange, except for the massivley varying responses from everyone involved.
So what could be going on here? Do netflix not have the rights to release on EU gaming devices?
Do Crunchyroll hate the Europeans?
Or does Sony have a vested interest in Animax.

Now some qoutes!

Although this app maybe available overseas, unfortunately in AU/NZ we don’t yet have availability or any announcements regarding a release date for it.

However, if I do hear anything I will definitely let you know

Responses from netflix

December -2013

""We do not have an exact ETA, but we have been told that this is a top priority and it should be available at the beginning of the year, so i would say a week or two.""

March - 2014

"Alrighty I did some digging for you, so right now I am not showing an ETA available however we are working on getting it available, I will."

May - 2014

"I have no reason to mislead you and I am giving you the details straight from our corporate office. Sony has not released a date to us, so we will not know as we cannot make the app on their device. We however have provided them with the blueprint so they will need to make that app and then release it or provide us with a release date."

Sorry for my awful English, it's pretty early here. I'm just confused that next to no-one knows what's going on.
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this world revolves around $$$$

that's all you need to know.
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Moved this over to Site Support for you, since it's a support type question. That said, I'm not really sure what's going on with Sony. Sony Europe is known as being the hardest to get through certification on, at least when it comes to games (I used to be a game developer, had problems with them frequently), so it could be that Sony Europe is the blocking point. They often give estimated times for the approval process, but no guarantee that you'll pass it, so the ETAs you've seen are just estimates to when they'll get back word on if the program passed or failed, not when it'll be available.

That's just educated guessing in my part, though, based on prior game experience and the types of quotes you're seeing. I can't say anything for certain.
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Posted 12/20/14 , edited 12/20/14

GayAsianBoy wrote:

this world revolves around $$$$

that's all you need to know.

At first glance, you could say it wasn't worth it to release the apps to the European market, 'most' people I've met tend to thing Europe's an empty wasteland. I'd get you some sales figures for Europe vs NA on both the VITA and 3ds, but they're pretty hard to get hold of. Europe has a population of ~765 Million, while NA has about ~565 Million.
"But more people in NA watch anime than in eur-"
Nope, not true, again, statistics are scarce, but from some digging, I found these anecdotes:
"In 2011, this number grew to 40% [Comics purchased in france that were Manga]
In Germany, this number was 70%. An obscure form of Japanese Media has nearly overtaken a western form of writing that has exsisted for about 70 years...

The money to release an app on a store is probably quite a fair amount, but I'd say it'd probably be worth it, especially considering how the top selling games on the Vita Store are consistently anime releated (Project Diva f, SAO, etc)

EDIT: Post has been moved, cool, thx, guess less people can read this now, but seems to be a more relevant place.
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