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Posted 12/20/14
Crunchyroll has a lot of interesting shows from past seasons that might get overlooked by those focusing on the latest Siumulcastes. So I would like to take a moment to start up this thread.

I call on others to offer up 1 Title from the library that you think people should check out.

I’ll start off with Skip Beat
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Posted 12/20/14
Arakawa: Under the Bridge:

If you are looking for a comedic anime that it is a little bit different, then look no further.

No High School.
No Harem.
No Boy Fated to Save The World by Hanging Out With a Beautiful and Overpowered Tsundere
No amnesiacs.
Not even a Middle Aged man reconnecting with the world by caring for a young child.

But you do have a village leader dressed as a kappa, a former merc-turned-nun, an incredibly violent farmer, a pair of children wearing metal helmets...

Okay, so maybe it's a lot different.
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Posted 12/23/14

I view anime as a way to relax and take my mind off of things. This one fit that bill perfectly.

It's probably one of, if not THE most amusing anime series I've seen so far. And I watch a lot of anime comedies! Perfect blend of raunchiness, slapstick, misunderstandings, and basically just all in all silly good times.

The first couple of scenes as well as the premise kind of turned me off of the series the first time I tried to watch it. But I stuck with it the next time around and by episode 2 discovered that I had made a big mistake and totally misjudged the series initially.
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Posted 12/23/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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