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Posted 12/29/14
My name is dumb. Actually I change mine all the time.
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Posted 2/3/15
raven, nyxxx, maya, iLuffy, venususus, shinjoo

I'm very bad at making names xD
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Posted 2/3/15 , edited 2/3/15
Since I was an altaholic when I played MMOs I always had different names, usually something based off of Celtic mythology or based off of what the character I'm making is like.
I.e. in Elsword my Ara is named Heihachiko, based off the famous Sengoku period spear wielder Honda Tadakatsu or Honda Heihachiro, since she's an Asian inspired character who wields a spear.
Or my Elesis, since she looks like Saber I went with a Japanese-esque name I just put together based off of alternate kanji readings chuunibyou style resulting in, 土砕剣 (Hasaiken) or earth crushing sword.
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Posted 1/17/17
New Year cleaning -- closing threads with no new posts since 2015.
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