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This is the place where all the world with city, boats, people, town were destroyed by the giants and orges who completely hated noises. Clearly its not safe for other citizens who are living in "Lost Sphere" where there aren't any monsters destorying the city. In Lost Sphere its the biggest planet but its colored magenta. It's a huge place to relax but when the government assign the teens ages 11 to 19 year olds have to be sent to Earth to defeat and do tasks who is survive by the destroy city.

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They are most disgusting creatures among the other realms and earth. This creature Ogre they live in caves highly hard to see from all those cities that has been destroyed. When Ogre hit intruders damage 50%+ and the Mana is 70%. They have weakness yet its very hard to see where. Here is some hints how to hit their weakness ... You earn exp about 348 exp.

They are the second disgusting creatures among the ogres. This creature Giants they live in high hills and magical bean stock they hold most treasure items in their that was lost in the Nature Realm, Water Realm, and also the most valuable item the crystal ball to Lost Sphere City the crystal ball is the only way to activate the vechiles and electronics. Damage is 30% and their mana is 20%. You earn exp about 5009 exp.



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