NGNL episode 8 ending quote
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Posted 12/23/14
I want to know where it comes. From what I know it should relate to a game and it is driving me crazy. I couldn't find anything on google about it either. The quote is as follows: "I won't let go of your hand, brother, because I think you'd take my soul with you" This is the quote for episode 8. Also if anyone can put up all the 12 qoutes and were they come from I would Doumo arigatou gozaimasu

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Posted 12/23/14
I don't know NGNL, but I watch the ending of episode 8. Looks like it comes from a game called ICO.
The original quote is this: 「この人の手を離さない。僕の魂ごと離してしまう気がするから」

The all quotes are listed on this Japanese website.

I'll write the titles of original games in English.

ep.1: Final Fantasy IX
ep.2: El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron
ep.3: Takeshi no Chōsenjō (only released in Japan)
ep.4: Dragon Quest / Dragon Warrior
ep.5: Dragon Quest series / Dragon Warrior series
ep.6: The Elder Scrolls series
ep.7: Civilization IV
ep.9: Bahamut Lagoon (only released in Japan)
ep.10: Final Fantasy Tactics
ep.11: Final Fantasy IV
There is no quote listed for episode 12.

Maybe some of the quotes were come from Japanese version of the game, so it is difficult to find from quotes in English.
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