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What reviews have you written that you are proud of? Feel Free to post here.

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I've written quite a few reviews on this site and I'm generally pretty proud of all of them except the first couple I wrote because they were basically half-assed and I didn't know much about anime to compare back then. These are the last couple that I felt like writing about, and yeah... I'm not normally that critical but the last few series I've watched have been very disappointing. Hoping to see another 5 star series soon before I completely lose hope.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Kyon Is *Beyond* Done With This Crap: The Series.
By ThisWasATriumph on Dec 17, 2014

Well, after some deliberation, I decided to watch this series in "broadcast order" and subbed. In hindsight, I think those both may have been mistakes. I really don't see how watching the episodes a-chronologically adds anything to the series. In fact, it just makes what might have had some semblance of a coherent plot into a disjointed mess. I do think watching the Adventures of Mikuru Ashahina (ep 00) first was an amusing experience though. I thought that was an interesting way to introduce the characters at least. It had sort of a "found footage" feel to it.

As to the rest of the show, certain episodes were amazing like Bamboo Rhapsody for example, but some of the arcs were just sooooo boring and pointless. Oddly enough, I think I enjoyed Endless Eight more than "Sigh" because it was fun to pick out all the little details and changes, although I didn't watch ALL of them of course. Sigh on the other hand was... just not a good arc. It was a terrible way to end the series if you are watching broadcast-order.

As to the actual story itself, I feel like at times they really nailed the potential of where it could go and at other times, they completely wasted it. Instead of a supernatural thriller, most of the time it was simply another club anime with a terrible female lead. Speaking of which, Haruhi is just the worst. In every way. At times it seemed like they were going to give her some character development but then they didn't. And nothing was ever explained about her character. Maybe the movie does? Kyon was the only saving grace here. He was the voice of reason the entire time (and really it seems like all of KeyAni's male leads are the same in this regard) and basically this show is just about how he has to put up with Haruhi's never-ending shit for 2 whole seasons. And not much else.

Speaking of voices, watching it subbed was of course fine, but in this case it was sometimes hard to follow the dialogue, whether it was implied sarcasm or some of the technical exposition scenes. So you are probably better off watching the dub and I wish I had. Haruhi's voice is a lot worse in the dub, but it hardly matters since her character is so unlikeable anyway and she doesn't have that much important dialogue.

As to animation, I wasn't too fond of some of the character designs, like Haruhi, but other than that it was very good, typical of the studio. The details to the "film" scenes were convincing. Background music was good although some tracks felt out of place... I wasn't too fond of either the ED's or OP's but they were alright.

To sum up, I think I would have enjoyed the series a bit more watching chronologically, but really I have to blame the studio for this complete trainwreck of pacing and composition. This is just not an easy series to sit down and enjoy. Definitely not must-watch material in itself, but the many consider the "Disappearance" movie to be one of the best anime films out there so perhaps once I watch it, that will be this show's saving grace. However as it stands, this series is a 3/5.

Akame ga Kill!
Kill the Plot...and everyone else while we're at it.
By ThisWasATriumph on Dec 15, 2014

Akame ga Kill started off as one of the most promising and well rated shows this season. The hype was even enough to make me pick it up 13 weeks in. The first episode grabbed my attention to say the least. I was not expecting that twist. I preceded to binge watch the entire remaining twelve episodes in that one sitting, and while they weren't all as good as the first few, I came away with the feeling that, while slightly trope-y and unoriginal sometimes, it was a very likable show with great action and characters. At that point I would have given the show a 9/10.

But, as the season progressed, there was a change... The conflict started getting repetitive, the character interactions hollow, and the narrative direction ambiguous. So many people were killed off, it became a running joke to see who would be next. There was no impact in their deaths. The anime went from making me care deeply for Tatsumi's friends from his village who I hadn't even met, to barely making me blink when a main character was brutally murdered.

Shit really hit the fan when the show deviated from the manga. The last few episodes were basically a trainwreck of disjointed, illogical and forced conflict that ended on a rather bitter note. I really did not understand what the overall point of the plot was after 24 episodes. What were they trying to tell me here? That you have to recklessly commit suicide to change a government? That the French Revolution was a great and effective era? Fuck you and all your ships? Maybe there isn't supposed to be a lesson and this is just another generic needlessly violent Shounen. Jury's still out on that one.

Questionable narrative aside, the animation was a decently strong point. Action scenes were fluid and well choreographed for the most part. Nothing too spectacular but pretty good all around. The soundtrack was just 'meh', however. The OPs and EDs were above average, almost catchy even, but the background music was decidedly forgettable.

So, to sum up, Akame ga Kill didn't end up being a deep commentary on hierarchical society or the bonds between friends or anything profound like that, as I hoped that it would, but rather was simply a turn-off-your-brain action show with good production values akin to the many before it. 3.5/5 stars.

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