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Posted 12/23/14
While watching some late night tv, I saw two instances of a crunchyroll commercials being aired. One was at Comedy Central and the other on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

I don't really know what's the baseline for the cost of running ads on cable tv, but I bet that it's still a bit pricey. Upon seeing these, I kind of think to myself that crunchyroll is looking to pull some moves and making head way. It was noted by the staff, more often than not, that crunchyroll is still a small company. Just seeing something like this, I kind of question what's the true girth of crunchyroll to what's actually being told to the masses.

I envisioned a crunchyroll that's a bit more bigger and better in terms of its services, community, and its idea of being a "One-Stop-Shop" for Anime. Is support and such going to be better? Is the customer service going to be faster? Is the store going to be a bit more responsive? Is this site going to be a bit more consistent than the nightmare stories of the threads on the "Help" forum? Is the response time of the unloved, the non-members, going to be better? Are we going to be seeing a lot of changes with this "girth"?

I guess time will tell eventually. Despite of my sometimes harsh criticisms of this site and its staff, I'm still optimistic after the years that I've been here. I do hope that things get better, and we stop seeing some of these bad stories on this thread section.

This is just me thinking out loud. I know that crunchyroll won't divulge anything as per its policy and business practices. I kind of want to know what others think about this move.

Here's to hoping to a brighter and better crunchyroll.
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