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Posted 12/26/14
I just downloaded the CR app on my Wii U only to be surprised that after I went through the trouble of making an account here, I can't watch anything on the app past a couple of episodes they put on for free. It's unfair that only premium users can use the app to its fullest. Some people, like me, don't have the time or money to sit down and watch $7 worth of anime each month (at least watch enough to get your moneys worth). My internet also isn't fast enough to stream HD anime so that'd be one less feature I could use if I buy a premium subscription. Sorry if this is long and just me rambling and if I overlooked some key information in the posts but I felt like someone had to say this and bring it up for others to see and talk about.

I just want to know if sometime in the near future if the CR app will allow free users to use it, just like the website. I wouldn't care nearly as much as long as I know that this is only a temporary setup for the app.
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Posted 12/26/14
The answer was given by the brand manager who posted the announcement in the comments.

lugiamania wrote:

This was more of a developmental limitation, but we do plan to strive for freemium experiences across all of our consoles eventually.
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