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Harem king?
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Posted 12/26/14
Thanks and that makes sense the art reminded me of UQ Holder!
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Posted 12/27/14
What anime is that???

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Posted 12/27/14

brendencabral wrote:

Arata Vs issei , Comparing the two, Who do you think is the best Mc?
Which Show has better character development?
Which has the more entertaining fan service?
Fighting scenes?

Arata is the better main character, but not by much.

DxD has better character development, but it's also had twice as many episodes to do it.

Until/unless I see an uncensored version of Trinity Seven I can't really make a definite decision about fan service.

DxD wins fight scenes by an astronomical margin. Rizer alone would beat Trinity Seven's fights, and there are too many other scenes that are ahead of the latter.

Girls I'd say is a push. Akeno is my favorite between the two, but Akio is up there. The relative lack of loli on Trinity seven is a selling point though.

Romance I have to go with DxD. Rias and Issei have been nicely handled (uncensored version at least) but the scene between Akeno and Issei in the shrine would get the win by itself. It was a beautiful scene, and their relationship in general was a strong point for season two.

Gafennec wrote:

maffayoo wrote:

killing91 wrote:

I dropped DxD rather quickly...i don't mind ecchi animes; but when the story is crap, characters are weak and it's all about fan service i can't really help it..
So i'm gonna go with trinity seven. The story is not the most original ever; but characters are interesting aswell as battles.

DxD is one of few ecchi with a decent story

Agreed. It is one that needs to be watched all the way through. Also it is one that I HATE the English dubbing. It's like the script writers for the dubbed version went well out of their way to make it dumber than it was in the original subbed version.

The dub is spectacularly bad on DxD. The writer pretty much took a dump on the character concepts. Only thing that made sense was Rizer talking about himself in the third person.

Koneko went from soft-spoken and uptight to a moron spouting twenty year old catchphrases. Rias went from regal to snotty.

Miltan went from shy, sad, probably a virgin but a nice guy to... over the top drag queen stereotype who basically threatens to rape Issei. For laughs!

Sub has a good story and world building, but it takes its time with it.
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Posted 12/27/14
I am the harem king!
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Posted 12/27/14
Issei >>>>>>>> Arata

Which Show has better character development? Highschool DxD by far
Which has the more entertaining fan service? well Highschool DxD reaches levels Trinity Seven would never reach yet I really don't care about that, as weird as it sounds I really liked Highschool DxD's plot and background lol, but if its fan service i guess Highschool DxD
Fighting scenes? LOL? Highschool DxD, Issei vs Phoenix was amazing
Girls? hmmm I guess i will go with Trinity Seven in this one
Romance? theres no romance in Trinity Seven, so Highschool DxD
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Posted 12/27/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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