Unbroken: the movie
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Posted 12/27/14 , edited 12/27/14
Been looking for several hours now and I've only found this discussion that only talks about Japan banning Unbroken.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8mBzKLhL0U Trailer
http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-881245/told-you-so Other Unbroken thread.

So I'm wondering if I can make an actual thread about the movie..

So yeah, if you've watched it yet feel free to discuss how you felt bout the movie, do you think the film used accurate information given by the book? Would you recommend it? Etc.
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Posted 12/27/14
I may just have to spend a day at the theaters XD a few movies out I want to see and this is one of them. Looks like a good inspirational one.
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Posted 12/30/14
A pretty darn good film overall. Then again I've always had a thing for war/military/action movies.
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Posted 1/1/15
As a historian, I plan on watching the film. I would like to see how accurately they depict the Japanese POW camps. They were just as vicious as the Nazis and this typically does not get depicted in popular culture.
A friend of mine from grad school was at the WWII memorial in Hawaii a few years back. There were some Japanese college students who were on vacation to the US that were also at the memorial. What they did made my friend so angry that he almost got in a fight. Now, keep in mind that my friend is a little guy who is skinny as a stick. The Japanese guys were spitting on the grave of the American soldiers; they were very disrespectful on top of that...
I am not sure what they learn in school in Japan but i am inclined to think that they do not teach an accurate history.
What makes the US different is that we teach the blemishes of our country's history in school. We focus on our faults too much in my opinion but this is a topic for a different discussion.

So, I think it is a fascinating film to watch from a historical perspective.
I would like to see what they leave out of the film in terms of both Louis Zamperini's live as well as their interpretation of the 1940s.
I hope that they do both justice.

To be clear, i really like anime, i woudlnt be here if i didn't, but i am not going to idolize them and forget the past. I think there is still a large degree of nationalism/dislike of "the other" when it comes to the Japanese people. Even in anime there are critiques of the United States as an imperialist nation. I find this ironic as sixty years is not a long time. What they were doing in the Philippines and China is akin to what Germany was doing in Europe. That being said, i still want to go to Japan some day and see first hand what their culture is like. Perhaps i painted to negative of a picture. My intent by saying this was not to say that the Japanese are prejudice and hateful but rather illuminate a SMALL aspect that gets glossed over.

(i reckon a lot of folks on here are not going to like what i have said here )
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Posted 1/1/15
I personally thought it sucked

liked the book a lot better
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Posted 12/25/16
End of year forum cleanup. ^,^ Locked!
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