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Anime for a 7 year old girl
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Posted 1/8/15
=0, I would say Cartoon till she reach the age where she interested in Anime.. Perhaps age 10 or 13? -shrugs- What I mean by Cartoon is like Bug bunny, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse etc.

No wait..there is Anime she might be interested and its may be in rated pg-13.. Avatar: The Last Airbender series. :]

I don't recalling bad language nor sex in them, but there lot of Martial Art fighting with elements..
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Posted 1/8/15 , edited 1/8/15

asharka wrote:

The only shows with dubs here on CR I can think of for kids are /sherlock-hound, /future-card-buddyfight, and /cardcaptor-sakura. And I'm not entirely sure whether some of the stuff in CCS is subject matter appropriate for a 7 year old, or if it would just be OK and go over her head. I'm pretty sure there's nothing inappropriate visually, but the version here is the full one, not the one that got chopped up for American TV called "Cardcaptors".

I was going to say CCS as well but had sort of the same thoughts. CCS was my first anime though and I love the crap out of it to this day, I started watching it when I was around 12 though. Def nothing visually inappropriate that I can think of. Overall I think it'd probably be fine for a 7 year old.

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Posted 1/9/17
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