Would you Buy a Specialized Sheet Music Folder?
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Posted 12/29/14 , edited 12/29/14
So, I had an entrepreneurship-type idea, here's a random, quick little poll for all you musicians out there.

If you have ever performed in a band or orchestra group, you've probably used sheet music at one point or another. Even if you haven't, but you play some instrument in your own time, most people would use sheet music to learn a song. Have the sheets ever been crumpled accidentally? Is paper clipping sheets of a song together starting to leave an impression in the corner that annoys you? Normally, people would use a folder to keep them neat, but what if there was something that was even more convenient.

Anyway, marketing speech aside, here's the actual product idea quickly explained. Tri-fold style, completely clear PVC-plastic (see-through) folder, open slot at the top to insert a piece of sheet music in each side (max of 6 visible pages), a piece of clear hard plastic in between to stiffen up the pockets to prevent the sheet music from bending over or be blown away. Here's a quick diagram to help explain. (Blue lines just indicate that's it's see through).

The goal of this thing is to be able to just pick up and play a piece with little to no fear of accidents happening to the sheet. One example (true story) that I experienced, one of my friends in orchestra was doing a performance in front of a bunch of people, in the middle of the song, his sheet music blew away, so he just kinda pretended/winged it from there and left it to the other people in his section.

Well, thanks to everyone who answered! The feedback and information is very much appreciated!
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Yo Mama's House
Posted 12/29/14
I wouldn't, but I see the applications for people in band and a need for it in a large scale for schools.

I play from my tablet most of these days. If I do go back to my books and sheet much, it's just to photo copy them.
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Posted 1/3/15
I am a very unorganized person and I tend to lose my papers and if I ever find them they are ruined, so yes.
Posted 1/4/15
Not I
I'm more likely to print on A4 and leave the papers lying on the floor.
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Posted 1/15/17
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