Hey, that Reagan fella? He was kinda funny!
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Posted 12/29/14
They all do it, folks. At least for several decades now. From Obama to Reagan, the Presidents of the United States have offered comical jibs and jabs to make us laugh as part of their role as the head of state. I, being a left-wing Democrat on the verge of being SPUSA or Green, don't have much love for Reagan (until the end of his second term, after which he wasn't half bad), but c'mon, the guy was funny (or at least had funny writers). Look at this, then share your own personal Presidential LOL moments:


Let's keep this non-partisan. You hate Reagan? I get it. I understand it. You hate Clinton, or Bush, or Roosevelt (either one), or Carter? This thread gives no fucks. Funny only, people. Keep it that way. This is for fun, and to prove it I consider Reagan a rival while I'm slapping him on the shoulder in laughter. Be fair, be honest, be funny.
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