Sci-Fi Anime Comes True!
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Posted 12/31/14
In Reality nobody paid much attention to Cyber Warfare or Hacking until it affects them! Credit / Debit cards stolen. Website attacks but in the last two weeks it has really come to light withe Sony Hack and the gaming platforms PS and XBox!

However it hit home for CR yesterday!

But I think a lot of animes had this subject well covered! Of course Sci-Fi shows and movies too but a lot dismiised it as entertainment.

Of course Bubblegum Crisis and Ghost in the Shell were way ahead of what's been going on!

But recent shows like Robotic Notes / Steins Gate / Psychp Pass / Terror in Reasonance/ Gatchaman Crowds/ Captain Earth and the Movie Summer wars come to mind. among many oters too many to name!

So next time you watch Sci-Fi of any kind dont dismiis some things so easily!

Think of Jules Verne and HG Wells how far ahead their thinking was!

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Posted 12/27/15
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