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Posted 1/3/15

Manarutos wrote:

If this is the worst it gets, I have to say that the site is doing pretty well.

When something bad happens, people forget the uptime, and how often it never goes down, and just concentrates on what is happening NOW only.

This is a bad way to think. Considering how much CR streams, how often it never goes down for long periods of time, and just the overall quality of the site, you should not blame the site for this 1 incident.

Thanks CR/CR staff for the good work. This is one of the few sites I truly enjoy watching anime on, keep up the good work.

I use the playstation app mostly and have had nothing but issues and downtime, so the problem isn't "NOW", it has been. No thanks CR/CR staff for the sort of mediocre work. This is one of the worst times I've had with any video streaming.
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