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Post Reply The best and the worst fandoms
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17 / F / Haymarket, VA
Posted 7/1/17 , edited 8/11/17
Worst: bronies, Nintendrones, Apple fans, SU fans, Star Wars fans, SSB fans, K-Poppers, U.C. Gundam/Anime in general Purists, ultra-religious nuts (What? They're a fandom too!), FNAF fans, Minecraft fans, Undertale fans, the Alt-Right, people who call Cory in The House the best anime, people who believe in the whole "Shrek is love, Shrek is life" shtick, and Trump supporters
Best: probably the Touhou, MUGEN, Puyo Puyo, T.M. Revolution, Precure, and Gundam fandoms

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29 / F / Oklahoma
Posted 7/1/17
Worst: Bronies (due to misogyny and hating past MLP generations), PC gamers, gaming fandom in general, Pokemon fans who are stuck in Generation I, the anime/manga fandom (when it comes to those who shun simulcasts/official translations because of stupid stuff like translating "nakama").

Best: I don't know... The Adult MLP collector fandom is pretty cool.
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Posted 7/1/17
Gamers, Weebs, SW Fans, Eminem Fans, Logic Fans, J Cole Fans, COD, CSGO, & Destiny Fans, Naruto Fans, Beliebers, Sports Fans In General Know Everything And Are Never Wrong.

Oh, MF Doom Fans Need To Disappear From Earth.
Posted 7/1/17 , edited 7/1/17
I generally love the Harry Potter fandom a lot because even though there is much less material (and even less good stuff) they still create heartwarming tributes, years after the original series finished. A lot of older fandoms tend to be good because everyone has grown up and calmed down. Disney fans are fun to talk to because they're all just children at heart and they have the best imaginations. The SnK fandom can be fun for series talk but they tend to not be too nice when it comes to ships and predictions. I've discovered a lot of anime fandoms are that way. Smaller fandoms can be fun a lot because they bring all the members closer together. I've met some very kind ARMYs (BTS fans) but I've also met some mean ones. The fandom generally seems to be nice and joke around a lot but sometimes they can get weird, such as creepily shipping the members in... Ways that shouldn't happen. Most are very kind, though, and since I'm a more recent addition to the fandom, I was welcomed warmly and everyone helped me understand things well.

I find that most fandoms are good at certain points, it is just a certain type of fandom members that isn't. This type is the devotee, the type who thinks that they're the number one fan so they shove their opinions down everyone's throat (I've met people who try to tell me that they know the canon better than me and that they're right and I'm wrong constantly). DC and Marvel devotees (not all fans) tend to be bad. (I'm gonna be honest) I'm a fan of the TV and movies the companies do (I know that probably makes me a "fake fan" but I really enjoy the stuff so I like to participate in the fandom when I can) but I've met some crazy superhero fans. A lot of YA books tend to have divided fans. There are nice people who enjoy the media but then the fandoms are insane and I hate how that turns people away from the franchise.

This is just my personal experiences, I'm sure other people have experiences different things.
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Posted 7/1/17 , edited 7/1/17
Fire Emblem is like the best and worst fandom. If you like GBA rom hacks, fans got you covered. If you like bizarre parodies, fans got you covered. If you just want to talk about the games, that's cool too. Unfortunately, especially after Fates came out, the fandom has gotten kind of toxic. There are old fans bashing on the new games(and anyone who likes them), new fans whining about 'elitists', and multiple flame wars about the best pairing or units. Naturally, the worst parts are heard the loudest, and I fear it's driving people away from an otherwise really cool series and fandom...
Posted 7/2/17


The Justin Bieber Fandom is the worst.

Agreed. My little sister used to be one and I ended up gagging when I first heard his music.
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19 / F / MANKAIカンパニー
Posted 7/13/17
The thing about fandoms is that you'll always find good people and bad people. There's just more bad people in some than others (and I've had my fair share of bad experiences).

-Yuri on Ice fandom
-Yaoi fans
-MLP fandom
-Majority of the anime community outside of CR (who refuse to watch anime legally for some shitty reason)
-Fate fans
-Love Live fandom (on Reddit & Tumblr mainly)

-Gintama fandom
-Idol (and any similar) game fandoms (usually...)
-Majority of the MHA fandom
-Touken Ranbu Fandom
-Love Live fandom
-Gundam fandom

The thing about the Love Live fandom is (and I never thought I would say this) is that it was pretty good until it became big. Most of the people who've been in if for 2+ years are pretty cool. Once Love Live became popular though, it was just filled with trolls and people who shove their ships and NSFW stuff down other peoples throats (and if there's one thing I can't stand, it's that). Also, the mods on the subreddit kinda annoy me. It's funny because they're the ones that are like 'be nice and respectful to others' yet they're the ones being rude. I mean, I get that not every single person you meet is gonna be nice to you but if you're gonna make rules, make sure you follow them, otherwise how do you expect others to?
Also (mainly on Instagram) a lot of people don't source fanart. Idk it kinda pisses me off because I know how hard artists work to put their art out there, and people don't even give them credit (it's even more annoying because they're given constant reminders to but they just act like pompous assholes who've done nothing wrong).
At the same time though, Love Live was one of the nicest anime fandoms I've ever been in. There are some people there who are genuinely nice but are willing to have some banter (also some of their memes ARE quite funny). Maybe I just thought that way because idols weren't (and still aren't really) such a big thing in the west. This is mainly on the smaller, less know fan sites though. I've not really been looking at Love Live stuff in a while so idk maybe things have changed.

It's funny though, because other idol fandoms on Reddit and Tumblr are fine, even the ones about males idols. I mean, there is a lot of shipping and stuff, but they're usually pretty respectful about it, and understand the fact that not everyone has the same preferences them. Maybe apart from the people on the Ensemble Stars Wiki, though. Some of those guys can be a bit...well let's just say that some of they REALLY love the characters (go to any of the character profiles on their wiki and you'll know what I mean hopefully) or are a bit too into the game.

Well, I'm glad I got that off of my chest.

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26 / M / Antlers, Oklahoma
Posted 7/17/17
i would say i've had good interactions with the One Piece and DBZ fandoms both seem rather chill and easy to get along with and the worse would probably be the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom. I'm a Sonic fan but i stay far the hell away from other fans of the games since they tend to be either really weird or complain about every game that's not 2D
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32 / M / Riding sound waves
Posted 8/11/17
Worst fandom is the Steven Universe fandom. It's nothing but a Tumblr gender war.
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