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Posted 1/4/15
Well hello there creative corner people!

One of my biggest hobbies besides anime is drawing and art in general, in the past i've done or atleast tryed just about every medium of art out there, pencil drawings acrlic/oil/water color paintings, crayons, pastel calks, charcoal, also alot of digital stuff. something i haven't done is inking though (well beyond a ball point pen), i've been looking at various different pens brands and what have you, but i have a sketch i've been working on recently (with a subject i've not tryed before aswell) and i'd like to finish it off with some inks once im done wondering if there's a general concenious on what brand or type of inking sets are great for general purpose? Price isn't really an issue... unless it's something ridiculous like 500 bucks a pen, but lets say for examples sake 40 bucks a pen... what should i look more for?

Also some shadeing techniques? i've watched a few sped up videos on ink drawings and for the most part it seems the cross hatching and dots/stipple techniques are used the most... any other methods out there that i should throw into concideration?

Here's the sketch i have so far, just to give you an idea of the type of detail im trying to go for here.

I'm not sure if i can get everything i want in it with inks... but something smear proof and that wont bleed very easily would be what im looking for. btw im not professionally trained so ignore all of my proportional mistakes.
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Posted 1/4/15
Can't say much about drawing inks, but I use a Pentel Brush pen and Copic Sketch markers... Very good for monotone work (lots of greys) and they blend really nicely too.

The brush pen is good for calligraphic work and block black areas, whilst I use copics for grey shading and colour blocking :)
Blending with Copics is very good, and looks awesome once finished. Gives you a nice even colour gradient if you do it right!

Sorry if that wasn't what you were looking for! >_<
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Posted 1/3/17
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