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Anime Sensei Needed!
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26 / M / UK
Posted 1/9/15 , edited 1/9/15
Why dont you just watch the anime and then you'll not need anyone to explain it? :S
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Posted 1/11/15 , edited 1/12/15
Darnit, I thought this was a pic thread, where you could post pictures of anime senseis.....
Eh, I guess I could still post this..

I'm barely 18 but I have watched quite a few animes, however, I myself am not the most knowledgeable encyclopedia. I tend to be selective in memory *laughs*. So I can't memorize every waking detail of every production I've seen episodes of. My brain has max capacity.
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Posted 8/12/15 , edited 8/12/15
Well I'm always up for a chat on anime been watching it since I was 5 lol
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Posted 8/14/15 , edited 8/15/15
I'm not a sensei, but I guess I could be considered a senpai, I've been watching and reading for years :)
what really matters is what's caught your interest already to turn you on to things you'd enjoy, or what genres get you in general so far.

Good thing about anime is it has a community, a community of obsessed, no can't close the window and get away fans for life, no matter how many people say, it was just a childhood thing bro ;)

I have a thick skin, and don't mind questions-so feel free to message me, and I'll give you my skype ^_^

If nothing else, maybe I can help you with down time from Sensei's bootcamp lol
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 1/8/17 , edited 1/8/17
Forum clean up. Closing all threads from 2015.
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