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Slaine vs. Inaho
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Posted 1/6/15 , edited 1/6/15

PrincipeCapio wrote:
[Inaho v. Slaine]

Hi! I've closed this for a couple of reasons:

1) there is an active existing thread about this show in which discussion about the characters would fit well
2) even though we've lightened our restriction on versus threads so that meaningful discussions comparing characters can take place, this one devolved quickly into meaningless and disrespectful replies and counter-replies, partly fueled by the somewhat antagonistic tone of your initial argument.

However, several folks did reply in meaningful and respectful ways, so I do think a good discussion about it is possible. Therefore, please do feel free to raise this again in the existing show discussion thread, but if you want a thoughtful debate about it please adjust your tone to be more inviting of discussion and less hostile toward those who disagree with you or who might approach the subject less seriously than you.

BTW, I think Slaine is an interesting character, and have never really understand the extreme amount of hate for him.
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