What Drama would you like to see remade?
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Posted 1/6/15
Watching GTO, (the 2012 version right now, and it's not bad, (not as good as the 90's version) and was wondering what other dramas might be awesome to see remade?

On my list - probably [email protected], might be fun to see remade, and the origina could have used some improvement. I also toyed with the idea of Gokusen needing a remake, but without Yuki Nakama, it would just never be the same. I also wouldn't mind seeing more of her in Trick either.. >.>

Galileo might also be interesting to see a remake of, though it isn't especially old and really was fine as it was. I also remember hearing there was at one point an Eko Eko Azarak series. and vaguely remember some episodes... I really wouldn't mind seeing that revamped.

What are some of your titles you'd like to see?
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Posted 12/25/16
End of year forum cleanup. ^,^ Locked!
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