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Character Name: Kurumi Itsuka

Age: 102 (looks 20)

Gender(Male(boy) or Female(girl)): Female

Species ( human, witch , vampire etc.): half breed (half human - half elf)

Job (only if you want one and please say where): Mechanic

School or work (or none, you slacker) ): work?

Orientation(Gay/Bi/Lesbian/straight): straight

Skills (if u have any): Swordsmanship, Mechanical engineering, Scientific engineering, Genetic engineering, blacksmith, craftsmanship, magical blacksmith, magical craftsmanship, hair stylist, reading, playing Piano and Violin.
Powers (you can have up too two): Gravity control (allows one to manipulate both attractive and repulsive forces) (has a weakness that will be revealed in the role play.... note may need to pay attention or you'll miss it)
Magic manipulation (allows Kurumi to bend magic to her will) (doesn't use it against people)

: reading, kind people, caring people, protective people, being paid for her job, messing around with her skills and seeing what she can do, styling her hair and others if they ask nicely, dancing and singing (though she doesn't think she's very good at it) teasing boys, cooking, eating unhealthy food, watching cutesy couples be cute.

Dislikes: rude people, unkind people, bullies, those who try to skip out on paying, being treated unfairly, being disrespected, being pestered, being asked her age.

History: Kurumi is half human and half Elf, her mother was Elf and her father was human, Kurumi while she is half human actually has Elven ears, they are longer and pointy at the tip, while her looks, and body came from her mother she got her fathers attitude so while she can be kind she can also be harsh and tends to hide her true feelings. Kurumi because of her Elf blood has a much longer life span than normal humans, her body also grows and changes slower than a normal humans, to people who don't know her she looks like a 20 year old hottie, however to those who do know her; they know that she is actually 102 years of age. Kurumi is skilled in swordsmanship, but her true potential lies in her engineering, blacksmithing and craftsmanship, Kurumi is quite skilled at playing the Piano and Violin; but she does tend to spend most of her time in her Mechanic store which is the largest in the city.


Team (optional) Stompers Crusaders, Banshees Nightmares, Dawn Avengers and Black Knights: Able to be hired by all teams
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