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Posted 1/7/15 , edited 1/7/15
For those of you who have a WiiU, what do you think Crunchyroll could do to improve the App (aside from the playback issues, which we most likely all know exist)?

Add touch screen capabilities
-The WiiU has a touch screen, and it would be very nice to be able to use it with the Crunchyroll App.
More Settings
-Currently I'm unable to change any settings in the WiiU App other than language. I'd like to be able to change video definition, subtitle/dub, and be able to switch from standard size to widescreen while watching videos.
Connection to the Forum
-There isn't a WiiU forum yet, but adding Forum access to the App would allow users a better chance to become part of the Crunchyroll community without having to bring up alternative devices.
Allow the user to customize what appears on the WiiU gamepad
-Right now, when playing a video, the show appears both on the TV and the gamepad. While I think it's great to have the option to see your video on the gamepad, I don't think it should be the only option. What about having a synopsis, or a "time left," or maybe even a search option that would allow a user to search through episodes/shows while still watching the show they're tuned into? Currently, when watching something, you're pretty much stuck on the screen, incapable of browsing anything else. It would be a major improvement to be able to browse while you watch.
Friendcode Suggestions/Multicast
-Adding an option for friends to suggest anime, or even watch anime across the streaming service with perhaps a chat, would be a really cool addition to the WiiU App. This would allow a user to get suggestions from the people on their WiiU list, such as "Seratonin just watched BLAH," as well as give the user the option to sit back and watch anime with their friends.
-The WiiU App does not have a manga viewer, though I feel as if the gamepad is perfect for such a thing. Adding a category for manga would allow users even more freedom in their device choice, and make the app more useful in the overall experience of Crunchyroll.

Those are just a few suggestions I could think of. What other things would you like to see on the WiiU version of Crunchyroll?
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Posted 6/15/15 , edited 6/16/15
it would be great if I could login to my wiiu app, it doesn't let you unless your premium, yet my wiiu is still activated on my devices list, but I can't use my free account on the app, and for me that makes crunchy roll useless..
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Posted 9/5/16 , edited 9/5/16
Both the touchscreen and manga suggestions are great ideas to add to the Wii U app.
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