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Posted 1/7/15 , edited 1/7/15
Hello my name is Caleb and i have been for a while now planning a Anime type series Titled 'Mystic' current name anyway may change in future.

Drafted Story (sorry if my english is bad) The Story may change in time but for now it's this

In the land of Merra, their use to be a Civilization called the Mystics who kept the peace between the 4 Races, The Telsari, The Eldarians, The Orcranians and The Jelarks, These four races use to be able to live in peace but that was until the Reign of The Orcrainian King 'Kaviach', Started to want power and control over the land so after a fight with the Mystics in his land The mystics left taking all sources of Mysterian Stones with them this drove the Orcrainian King into madness so he sent out a Raiding party to destroy the main source of the Mystics power which was also keeping the peace, So they were successful in their mission, and soon after the other races began to fight causing havoc upon the land.

After the king had Achieved a war he sought out to destroy the Mystics so that the peace could not be restored- he wasn't 100% successful in this goal but he did almost destroy an entire civilation, whoever was left migrated into the other races to try and teach the ancient art of Mysterian Majik,

The real story begins with a Telsari scout group on their way to a settlement but when they stop to make camp in a abandoned Mystic prison they come across a Orcrainian raiding party which are in possession of a ancient Mystic artifact which could help restore the peace among races...

there is a bit of back story and the start of what would be episode one to the series, but i am looking for people who would be interested in possibly helping create this into a anime series, if you have a talent in story or dialogue writing it would be helpful and also people for landscape art and character design as well as voices.

these people i have 1 main requirement 16+ as a Age

I am not good at these things myself but i am going to be doing it to gain experience
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Posted 1/18/15 , edited 1/18/15
im interested ive been actually really wanting to create a show for quite awhile just havnt really pursued the idea only because of the lack of people to work on it and i knew that if i were to attempt it by myself id just burn out and give up or end up with something not worth my time ive put into it but this sounds like a very interesting idea. ive drawing alot on my computer as of late via SAI but havn't really dabbled much in it thou because ive only been using a drawing and SAI for the last month or so but ill definitely get better just gotta get used to working the tablet and SAI. i could pretty much do anything except voice acting but i certainly would give it a shot
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