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Posted 1/8/15 , edited 1/8/15
by hanachan

Fall 2014 brought us another awesome shoujo adaptation in the form of Wolf Girl and Black Prince. It’s a light, relaxing romantic comedy series focusing on the dangers of lying and just how different people can be from how they seem on the outside. On the surface it's fairly typical girly fare, but a slight twist keeps the series fresh and interesting.

Adapted from a manga running in Bessatsu Margaret (which also runs series such as Blue Spring Ride and Kimi ni Todoke), Wolf Girl and Black Prince is based around a sixteen year old girl named Shinohara Erika and her crazy pride and need to constantly show off. She's also desperate to fit in with her boyfriend obsessed friends, and consequently tells them lies about her amazing (imaginary) guy. Of course it all catches up to her when her friends begin doubting his existence and want to see proof.

So Erika does what any other normal girl would do and takes a pic of a random hot guy on the street. Unfortunately, the guy she chooses happens to be a well known Prince type at her school. Sata Kyouya is soooo perfect. He’s got the looks, he’s super nice, and he’s just got that dreamy aura that any girl would go for. After realizing her mistake Erika explains the situation to him and he suggests that he help her out by pretending to be her boyfriend. Perfect situation, right?

Not quite. He immediately flips a switch and goes into scary sadist mode telling her that if she wants his help she should turn around three times and bark. Turns out he’s not only a jerk with a total love for inane power, but he really loves dogs...and wants Erika to act like one. Sata is not quite what she expected and when she defies him he immediately threatens to expose her as a girl who cried wolf. As time (and their farce) goes on, it turns out that when there’s a crisis he’s actually pretty amazing and dependable, but in the day to day he’s kind of a pain in the butt. They’re kind of hilarious characters with Sata's sadism and total tsundere attitude, and Erika’s idiocy and borderline Stockholm Syndrome, which sounds really bad...but it’s somehow not.

Unfortunately the animation isn’t quite as spectacular as Blue Spring Ride, but it’s got gorgeous character designs and solid visuals, as well as great voice acting. As far as the story goes, the fear of being left out or a loner is something that most of us can probably understand, and that makes the series much more identifiable. It’s definitely not a will-they-won’t-they series. You know from the beginning that they’re going to fall for each other for real eventually, which I always find kind of relaxing and fun. Pretty much, if you like shoujo you’ll like Wolf Girl and Black Prince, so give it a try now that the series in its entirety is out on Crunchyroll!

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Posted 1/20/15 , edited 1/20/15
Great review that captures the tone of the series well.

This was my first pick on arriving here, it's very entertaiing watching Erike lurch from one problem to another. Yeah, the ending is a foregone conclusion but oh! the journey getting there.
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