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Akiba's Trip?
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Posted 1/26/15 , edited 1/27/15
that settles getting it tomorrow thanks for the reviews everyone!
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Posted 1/26/15 , edited 1/27/15

Ze_Fever wrote:

Nah you are good. Never too old.

The heart wants what the heart wants.

Sure but there are always dynamics and factors that triumph over love.

the_spaceguy wrote:
that settles getting it tomorrow thanks for the reviews everyone!

Aaah, well, I didn't post my review, though maybe I should if I get the chance.....but I feel that you won't regret it. It's a fun little game, and there's some good replay-value to it.
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Posted 1/28/15 , edited 1/28/15
TL;DR version

Pros: More waifus than you could dream of ☑
English/Japanese vocal track both available with subtitles ☑
Plenty of things to do with side-missions and novelty items to collect ☑
Decent variety to combat and customization of your character's wear ☑
Easy-to-understand gameplay and how the various things work ☑
Easter Eggs from other NIS titles such as the Hyperdimension Neptunia ☑
Real J-Pop songs used in the public radios booming and actual sound design made from Akiba itself ☑

Cons: Mediocre game design/graphics/story ☓
Gets repetitive quickly, and not in the good old RPG kind of way ☓
Isn't as sandbox as you might think (restricted exploring with no open shops etc) ☓

Too short, want to read more Version:

Graphics look like something out of the Playstation 2 generation, however, it's not too much of an issue and it certainly doesn't ruin the gameplay. See those grey spots in the back? yeah they are unrendered people, when you approach them, they will get rendered into people, but as I said, not a big deal, it is however noticeable.
Another example in the same picture is how the same character model is within viewing distance of one another.

Gameplay however feels a little wonky, Nanashi tends to stutter when running which looks very awkward and wierd.
Running through the streets means you will run into people and they have about 6 default sound effects so it gets kind of annoying after a while.

Combat is alright... gets reptitive as I already predicted before I bought the game, having a combination of 3 buttons to choose from, but your combat is heavily influenced by whatever you're using as a weapon, and as far as weapons goes? anything goes in this game from Laptops, to trashbins, but they aren't picked up, you are using them as you would equip an item in an RPG.
There are also weapons more akin to the likeness of an actual weapon such as a baseball bat or boxing gloves.

Sometimes, random strangers jumps into the battle because ... well that's the problem I really don't know why. I didn't hit them by accident or anything so I have no idea why a police officer decides to beat me up along with random citizens.

Characters are Anime, not people. What do I mean by that? I mean that no Japanese person acts the way these anime characters does, it's that simple. So they are about as fulfilled as you could expect from a generic "slice-of-life" kind of anime.
Yes there are supernatural elements to this game being a vampire or "synthister" as they are called.
, but it's all very gimmicky and intended for the excuse to strip people of their clothes.

That being said, it's an anime game, why would I expect to see actual people archetypes in this game? so don't consider this a negative in my book. Why I'm pointing it out, is because the game is quite obviously trying to depict the everyday (or a buzzing sunday ripe Akiba at least) Akihabara, and that's fine, but it's a very fictional fantasy version of it which might be a turning point in someone's decision for buying this game.

I like that the flyers you pick up are actual flyers from the streets of Akihabara
(Flyer displayed is only meant as an example, not an actual in-game flyer)
, and some locations have a legitimate atmosphere to them which I think the developers deserves some credit for.
However, the world is very restricted in interaction.

Shops are just interface windows with a "BUY/SELL/EXIT" option

^ Closest representation I could find, but I'm guessing you got the idea.

Now for my biggest quarrel with this game so far.
The side-missions are more often than not a pain in the ass.
It works something like this; you open a panel dedicated to side-missions from where you choose one ranking from 1 to 5 stars in difficulty.
The missions can range from delivery, bounty huntin (so to speak) and helping a clueless guy winning a date with the girl he's got a crush on.

The problem isn't variety as you can see, no the issue at hand is that you cannot find specific locations on a map, rather you are given a box like image of the entire area you enter and the only indication you'll have is a red dot on the map of said location that indicates you are in the right zone, not the actual location of your goal.

Larger side-missions where you have to take out groups of punks or synthisters won't be crosschecked anywhere, so if you forget whether you went to the electric district to take out that one group or not, you're shit out of luck and have to go back for a vague confirmation, again, because you have to find them in whatever map you occupy self in at the moment to begin with, with no indication at all.

So who is this game for?
Very very passionate Japan pop-culture enthusiasts.
It's overall a lackluster experience however, so don't expect too much, and don't expect to be spending a full night playing this game.
It's more suited for the 1 hour sessions, which also suggests it's more suitable for your VITA if you have one.
Seeing this game splashed out on a big HD screen is a bit overkill to say the least.
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Posted 1/15/17 , edited 1/15/17
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